As you start to plan for Halloween, you may be unsure of what you can do to have a fun but sober event. Sobriety during the holidays is difficult, especially if this is your first year. Yet, it is critical to do your best to have a sober Halloween. You want to enjoy the holiday without feeling as though you are missing out. At Westwind Recovery®, we can help you learn how to celebrate holidays and other events without drugs and alcohol.

What Can You Do for Halloween This Year?

You can have a sober Halloween. The best place to start is to create some plans that are fun and interesting. Try to be as different as you can this year compared to the way you’ve spent your time in the last few years. This can give you a good mental break from what to expect. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate after you have completed a substance abuse treatment program.

Go Trick or Treating with the Kids

Halloween is all about the kids. When you invest time in making this a good experience for them, you will not think about what you are missing. You may want to dress up with them – come up with a themed outfit. You can also spend some time decorating your own home so that you can celebrate the holiday but also have some fun with it.

Go on a Retreat for Autumn

Another opportunity available to you for Halloween may be as simple as getting away. Instead of spending a lot of your time focused on Halloween itself, why not book a stay at a private inn or a fun hotel. Maybe even spend some time at an amusement park. Whatever you do, make it something that takes your mind off of what you would be doing at home.

Hit the Haunted Houses

Instead of staying home and drinking this year, why not head out to the haunted houses in your area. You may find a number of different opportunities to help you have some spooky fun. It is a good idea for you to embrace the holiday in a way that is right for you. Perhaps you have a friend that has never been to a haunted house. Or, you may want to take your teenage kids with you to their first experience.

Don’t Be Alone

One of the most important things to remember on a sober Halloween is that you do not want to be alone. That puts you at risk for thinking about what you are missing. You do not want to risk relapse because of a holiday. You also do not want to put yourself in a situation of feeling like you’ve lost something when you have really gained a lot from your sobriety.

Work on Relapse Prevention

One of the most important steps you can take when it comes to celebrating the holidays is to know when you are at risk. Relapse prevention has to be a big focus of every holiday or special event in which you would have been using drugs or alcohol. The good news is that our programs can help you with this type of support. With a range of treatment options, we can be there to guide you back towards the positive sobriety lifestyle. Check out some of the programs we offer:

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Do You Need Support During Halloween? Westwind Recovery® Can Help You

Halloween can be too much for some people, as can other holidays. When you need help because you are thinking about using, our relapse prevention options are readily available to you. At Westwind Recovery®, we offer a range of tools to support you. Call us now at 855.340.8832 to learn more.