Do you struggle with alcohol or drug use? Do you do so because of an underlying mental health condition? If so, you are not alone. It is very common for people with addiction to also suffer from mental health concerns. The term for when an individual struggles with both issues is co-occurring disorders. At Westwind Recovery®, we offer dual diagnosis treatment, which deals specifically with this condition.

Could You Have Co-Occurring Disorders?

Often, addiction develops when a person is dealing with depression, anxiety, or trauma that is unresolved. They may be self-medicating as a way to manage their conditions. It is also possible that people with addiction may begin to experience mental health challenges. Could this be what is happening to you? Here are a few common signs of co-occurring disorders.

1. Sudden Changes in Behavior

Some people with co-occurring disorders have trouble balancing their mental health issues and substance abuse problems. This can lead to sudden changes in behavior. If you are struggling, you may feel very full of energy one minute and very down and overwhelmed the next. These highs and lows can be caused by a variety of mental health conditions and can be helped with mental health treatment.

2. You Would Rather Be Alone

Another common indication of these conditions is simply isolating yourself. It becomes too hard to answer the questions everyone has, so you simply hide. You do not feel like you need to deal with people on a regular basis. You want to be alone and not engage in the types of activities that you used to enjoy.

3. You’re Using More

Tolerance is a big factor in co-occurring disorders. As you become used to the drugs and alcohol you are using, you may find that you are using more of them to get the same relief from your anxiety or depression. You continue to drink more or add new drugs into the mix to get the same type of results.

4. You Are Desperate to Block the Thoughts from Your Mind

Many people develop co-occurring disorders because they simply cannot deal with past trauma or stress. If you have unresolved trauma and do not seek help from a trauma therapy program, it may manifest when you are not using drugs or alcohol. You may feel you need to use just to get a mental break.

5. Your Life Is Changing and You Are Out of Control

You may be having trouble maintaining a job. You may be struggling with financial stress. You may no longer have the important relationships in your life that you used to. You may even find yourself feeling helpless and hopeless. When you are using alcohol and drugs, you do not have to think about these things. That is why you keep using.

Are You Ready for Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

If you are facing both addiction and mental health issues, it can seem impossible to find a way out. However, it is possible to treat co-occurring disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment is the best option because it provides you with a way to get the care you need for both conditions. Treating both is critical to helping you to get the long-term recovery you need. It is very important for you to realize that you can overcome these struggles. You just need some help to do it. Our team at Westwind Recovery® can help you heal through programs such as:

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Find the Treatment You Need at Westwind Recovery®

Co-occurring disorders are common, but they do not have to be limiting. With the right treatment, our team can provide you with exceptional opportunities to live a healthy life. To learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment at Westwind Recovery®, give our team a call at 855.340.8832.