Virtual Reality Therapy

Today, we have more technology in the world than ever. It was not unexpected that there would be more technology in the world of addiction therapy. One of the latest advances in addiction therapy is the virtual reality meditation therapy at Westwind Recovery®. During this therapy process, we help you quiet your mind and relax as part of your treatment.

Modern technology has revolutionized the medical field, including addiction treatment. Virtual reality meditation therapy allows an alternative way of overcoming addiction with modern technology. While VR meditation therapy alone will not cure your addiction, using it with other more personalized treatment types can be a great benefit to treatment.

What is Virtual Reality Meditation Therapy?

Quieting your mind and forgetting your thoughts has a significant positive impact and influence on an individual’s attitude and state of wellness. Meditation has proven to be the key to achieving this.

Still, most people in their lifetime will never get to experience the benefits of this universal solution to a noisy world. Prior attempts at successful meditation are usually short-lived because of the typical addict’s inability to stay focused.

21% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2020 (52.9 million people). This represents 1 in 5 adults.5.6% of U.S. adults experienced serious mental illness in 2020 (14.2 million people). This represents 1 in 20 adults.

We at Westwind have discovered a simple and easy way to achieve this in a matter of seconds while working closely with a pioneer in the Virtual Reality industry. Virtual reality involves putting on an audio/visual headset that transports you to another world. It is not only immersive but very effective when it comes to addiction treatment.

Our friends at TRIPP have built a groundbreaking VR software solution for mind-body wellness that is delivered through state-of-the-art headsets.

TRIPP has been testing and working with scientists and universities to create substance-free mental health solutions that use technology in beneficial ways. We are thrilled to be able to offer this wellness platform to our clients.

Why is Meditation Important in Addiction Treatment?

VR meditation therapy is just one of several different methods of meditation. Meditation, in particular, is one of the most commonly used holistic treatment methods out there today.

Millions of people use meditation to focus on their bodies while creating a clear atmosphere and state of mind.

Meditation uses mindfulness to help train a person and their thought processes when it comes to the present moment. Meditation has been proven to elevate mood and make people feel happier and healthier.

Mediation can be used during addiction treatment to practice mindfulness and relaxation to help a person feel better. This is usually done:

  • Alone
  • Guided setting (with someone speaking to you or a group).

There are several methods of meditation, some may use music or other elements to create a calming atmosphere.

In this case, Virtual reality is used to create a dynamic setting for relaxation and personalization. Adding this extra layer of immersion can make meditation that much more effective. While it may not be the preferred method for everyone, for some, it can be a brand new experience worth trying.

How Virtual Reality Meditation Therapy Helps with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a vital part of the addiction recovery process. Treatment usually extends far beyond visits with therapists and other processes. It is crucial to have an open and focused mind in order to get the most out of the treatment.

Mindfulness refers to being present and focused on the present moment. During this period, a person takes note of what they are thinking and feeling but without criticism or judgment. Mindfulness is important during recovery because it teaches the regulation of emotions and is beneficial for a person’s mental health in general.

Mindfulness is usually used during addiction recovery to help a person be present while regulating their emotions. Virtual Reality Meditation Therapy offers a new and advanced way of improving mindfulness while creating an open atmosphere.

Whichever way you decide to take on meditation, the technique offers many benefits for the mind and body when it comes to addiction treatment and substance abuse recovery.

Virtual Reality Meditation Therapy

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Reality Meditation Therapy?

One benefit of virtual reality meditation therapy in Los Angeles is that it is proven to reduce anxiety. Clients who experienced virtual reality meditation therapy report that they had fewer symptoms of anxiety and stress. Fewer symptoms mean that those clients can focus more on their recovery and their treatment.

VR allows a person to be transported to another world and can use the benefits of creativity to create a peaceful and open environment. By creating a virtual reality in which a person is able to calm their thoughts, they are able to adjust to recovery and focus on treatment as a whole.

As mentioned, VR meditation therapy should be used as a supplement to someone’s treatment, not as an end-all way of treatment.

How Does Virtual Reality Meditation Therapy Work?

VR meditation therapy uses some of the fundamental techniques of meditation/holistic treatment and combines them with advanced technology. This form of alternative therapy uses several visual and audio cues to create an immersive and calming experience.

Each session of VR meditation therapy may be different, depending on the person and their personal preferences. A person is immersed in several audio/visual sceneries to increase the person’s experience.

A person has the choice of choosing a scenery that creates an environment of calm and relaxation. This could be:

  • A beach
  • A wintery setting
  • A waterfall
  • Another calming environment.

Next comes what you would typically expect in any guided meditation session. While you don’t need meditation to be guided, it certainly helps during virtual reality meditation therapy.

As time goes on, you will feel your heartbeat slow and your body relaxes as you go through the motions. VR allows an extra level of immersion and relaxation because you feel like you are in another setting far from your worries.

Using VR meditation therapy is an excellent addition to drug use treatment and can be something to implement in a person’s daily routine. It’s important to have a calm body and mind to tackle the ins and outs of addiction treatment, so VR meditation therapy can be a vital asset to the process.

At Westwind Recovery®, we offer several avenues of treatment that can help aid in addiction treatment, along with VR meditation therapy.

Other Therapy Options

Clients will still need other therapy options, and we offer many other therapy options. Some of the therapy options we offer include:

  • Art therapy – This form of therapy is ideal for clients who struggle to express themselves during traditional therapy methods. In art therapy, you can use mediums such as paint, music, or drawing to express your thoughts, feelings, and struggles.
  • Trauma therapy – We offer trauma therapy because we know that many people with addiction started drinking or using drugs to overcome trauma in their lives. In trauma therapy, you can reach the core issues and deal with the problems you’re facing healthily.
  • Adventure therapy – This form of therapy is a core part of what we do. We believe that when you’re focused on the fantastic adventures of life, such as rock climbing, hiking, and camping, you’re less focused on your cravings and addiction. During adventure therapy, you’ll learn new socializing skills and have new adventures with your peers.

46.2% of U.S. adults with mental illness received treatment in 2020. 64.5% of U.S. adults with serious mental illness received treatment in 2020.

These are just some of the many other therapies available at Westwind Recovery®, these are each tailored to the specific needs and preferences of all our clients. No matter which path you decide to take, our staff will be by your side the whole way to make sure you are safe and informed.

Virtual Reality Meditation Therapy at Westwind Recovery® Los Angeles California

Westwind Recovery® is Here for You

Life skills training programs are essential for our clients who have struggled with addiction for a long time. Those clients may need help learning or relearning critical aspects of life. We teach topics such as how to take care of your finances or how to build interpersonal relationships.

We provide a variety of quality therapy programs to help you and your loved ones get to a better place. Westwind is proud to be the first in the behavioral health field to be able to offer virtual reality meditation therapy.

Addiction can affect every part of a person’s life, including those around them. Don’t wait for things to get worse, start living the life you and your loved ones deserve. If you want to learn more about our virtual reality meditation therapy in Los Angeles, contact us today.