The deadly effects of opioid addiction have captured the attention of the American public. But sobering statistics regarding alcohol use underscores the importance of an alcohol addiction treatment program. More than 15 million people in the United States have an alcohol use disorder. In fact, each year, about 88,000 people die as a result of excessive alcohol use.

man on a couch in an alcohol addiction treatment programWhat is an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

Like most other treatment programs, there are several available components to an alcohol addiction treatment program. Like all good treatment programs, alcohol addiction treatment should be tailored to your specific needs. That being said, the following options might be available, depending on the facility where you obtain treatment:


Detox isn’t a stand-alone treatment. But it is a necessary first step on the road to your recovery. Several factors, including how problematic your consumption of alcohol is and have much distress it causes in your life, determine your need for detox.

When you suddenly stop drinking, you may experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. For instance, you may experience anxiety, shakiness in your hands, depression, sleep issues, hallucinations, restlessness, and more.

After detox

As mentioned previously, detox isn’t a treatment in and of itself. Instead, it helps to start the recovery process and support you through a stage that can often be challenging if you tried to do it on your own. Once you’ve completed detox, it’s time to move forward with your recovery, though some facilities combine these two aspects of care.

Residential rehab offers a more intensive alcohol addiction treatment program. During your time there, you live on-site for a specific period. This can be as short as one month or as long as one year. In most cases, the time frame is between one and three months.

For those people who have a strong support system and a stable home life without a long history of drinking problems, outpatient treatment could be the answer. Intensive outpatient treatment or partial hospitalization are options that offer more frequent access to services while still allowing you to live at home.

Medication-Assisted Therapy

While medication-assisted therapy (MAT) has proven to be a life-saver for those individuals who are struggling with opioid addiction, this method of treatment has been in use with those struggling with alcohol use disorder for many years successfully.

In most cases, MAT can be used effectively whether you are in a residential treatment program or obtaining services on an outpatient basis. However, your treatment team is always the best source of information regarding your individualized recovery.

What to Look for in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

When searching for the right alcohol addiction treatment program in Los Angeles, it’s important to look at the options offered. Because so many people use alcohol to help them cope with the stresses of life or to dull physical or mental pain, treatment for those issues must be available.

Other qualities to look for include:

  • Options for detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment
  • Individualized mental health treatment
  • Family therapy program to address any issues
  • Adventure therapy provides insight into ways that you can have fun without using substances

At Westwind Recovery®, we know that developing an alcohol addiction treatment program starts with discovering who you are. Our compassionate team of professionals is here to support you every step of the way during your recovery. Learn more by calling us today.