wife helping husband with art therapy program at the drug and alcohol detox center

When you decide to seek treatment for addiction, Westwind Recovery® knows that there should be multiple methods of treatment. One holistic therapy we offer is our art therapy program in Los Angeles. 

Every person yearns to express themselves in some form, whether that form is through painting, sculpture, acting, cooking, or something entirely different. Art therapy allows you to find a way to express yourself in a healthy way that does not involve drugs. It will enable you to draw from your imagination and experiences to reveal parts of yourself that perhaps even you didn’t know you had. 

Benefits of Art Therapy

According to Michigan State University, art therapy has been around since the 1940s. At that time, two pioneers in the field used art therapy as a way to help their clients understand their feeling, thoughts, and experiences through imaginative expression. Since then, we have used art therapy in a range of fields, from addiction therapy to cancer treatments. 

There are multiple benefits to an art therapy program, including:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved ability to handle pain
  • More mental function
  • Indicated to reduce depression

At Westwind Recovery®, we offer a variety of art therapies, such as drawing, painting, and photography. Each treatment allows you to express yourself either in a group or individually. This treatment will enable you to convey your feelings in ways that you may not be comfortable doing in a traditional therapy setting. 

Another benefit of art therapy is that it teaches you stress relief techniques that you can take home with you. It gives you a hobby that you can fall back on if you are stressed or encounter triggers for your addiction. It also gives you a new self-image and promotes your wellness.

An art therapy program in Los Angeles also expands your mind. You gain a deeper understanding of your issues, and it will help you resolve those problems. Westwind Recovery® provides an environment and the tools you need to be creative. You will have an outlet to engage in activities that interest you, whether that is music, drawing, or painting. 

Art Therapy in Coordination with Addiction Treatment

Though art therapy is an excellent tool, if you want to defeat your addiction, it needs to be used simultaneously with other therapies. Art therapy is not a primary treatment option. It is a useful supplement to many of our other options. 

Some of the treatment options that we offer at Westwind Recovery® include: 

We use many of these treatments in conjunction with the art therapy program to give you a complete treatment plan. 

Choose Westwind Recovery®

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