Opiate addiction can be a hard addiction to overcome, and professional treatment is typically the best way to address this far-reaching problem. This far-reaching problem affects over 2 million Americans. Not only that, but it causes over 20,000 deaths a year. It is a serious problem that needs aggressive treatment.

At Westwind Recovery®, our opiate addiction treatment program combines adventure therapy with the latest evidence-based practices to not only address addiction but also teach important recovery skills. This two-pronged approach is highly effective at reaching the underlying causes of addiction. Also, we have the full continuum of care in an opiate addiction treatment program Los Angeles residents have come to trust.

Opiate Inpatient Treatment Program In Los Angeles

woman thinking about opiate-addiction-treatment-programDuring an inpatient treatment program, you may work with several different professionals, including:

  • Physicians
  • Nutritionists
  • Psychologists
  • Financial professionals
  • Nurses
  • Clinical case managers

In addition to evidence-based programs, like cognitive behavioral therapy and peer support groups, you will regularly enjoy excursions into the local community. For example, hiking, taking a trip to the beach, and snowboarding in the winter are all common activities. This helps teach important sober living skills and gives you ideas for new hobbies and interests to replace opiate use in your life.

Outpatient Treatment For Opiate Addiction

While most people transition into outpatient treatment after completing a residential stay, some will need to start here after detox. Sometimes your work responsibilities won’t let you check in to rehab. In these instances, our outpatient center can teach you the sober living skills you need to break the cycle of opiate addiction.

We offer different levels of outpatient therapy. For instance, some of our patients work best in an intensive outpatient environment, while others can meet less frequently. All outpatient care comes with one-on-one counseling, one-on-one psychiatric, and medical appointments. We also offer group therapy and educational settings that use dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Also, medication-assisted therapy is part of our outpatient opiate addiction treatment program as well.

Sober Living Skills For Opiate Addiction

At Westwind Recovery®, our goal is to help you have a lifetime of sober living after recovery. In our opiate addiction treatment program, Los Angeles residents seeking help always have support. In light of that, we offer sober living homes to help our graduates transition into daily life. These sober living homes, all of which are pet-friendly, provide supervision and reinforcement of the skills learned in therapy.

A Unique Approach to Opiate Addiction Treatment

At Westwind Recovery®, our opiate addiction treatment program is unique. We have a smaller, more intimate environment to help support our clients. In addition, we make adventure therapy a normal part of the treatment plan. If you find yourself battling opioid addiction, help is available. Contact Westwind Recovery® for help today.