man and woman talking about Westwind Recovery®'s music therapy program

In our music therapy program, Westwind Recovery® clients get hands-on experience writing lyrics, composing, mixing, and recording songs of their creation on studio-level recording equipment. The songs are professionally mixed, produced, and put on a shared Soundcloud page.

The music therapy program in Los Angeles is great fun. But, it is also a proven therapeutic building block to explore creativity and contribute to recovery. There is no pressure, nor is there any judgment in our program. Clients come to it with varying degrees of skill. Some are experts, while others complete novices. Whether listening, creating, or playing music, the purpose of a successful music therapy program is to give you the outlet you need to heal.

What is Music Therapy?

A music therapy program improves your communication skills as it teaches you how to practice healthy coping strategies. Many clients find the program drastically reduces anxiety. However, music therapy involves more than just relaxing. It provides an outlet to confront and deal with triggers in a creative and uniquely expressive way. Listening to music, discussing songs and lyrics, and even creating music can be involved in a music therapy program.

Music therapy uses a variety of techniques. Listening, singing, writing, reading, and moving (dancing) all come into play during the treatment. Thus, a music therapy program is yet another experiential treatment aligning your mind and body. Music can focus your attention, evoke powerful emotions, draw out forgotten or hidden memories or feelings, influence your behavior, and give you a stunningly powerful tool for communicating with others.

More than anything, music therapy offers a change of pace for clients. Some may use the therapy as an opportunity to express themselves or work out negative emotions. Others may use it to give themselves a new skill, one they can share with others or turn to when in need. Still, others might experience a music therapy program as a fun release of tension, anger, and frustration. No matter how you approach it, a music therapy program can give you a fresh yet accessible may to meet your recovery goals. There is concrete, proven physical benefits to using music to treat substance abuse and addiction. Music is probably the first thing many of us turn to when we want to improve our mood or mental health. It just makes sense to incorporate it into a recovery treatment program.

Westwind Recovery®’s Music Therapy Program

Whether you are struggling with substance abuse, addiction, or mental health issues, a music therapy program can provide the healing you need. But as with any therapy, you get out of a music therapy program what you put into it. It may not be a treatment option that works for you. Westwind Recovery® knows you need to have options to address your issues and achieve recovery. Thus, we offer many other treatments, such as:

These, among others, offer clients a wide variety of traditional and alternative care programs. However, no matter the program or treatment you choose, you’ll find a dedicated, professional staff devoted to helping you achieve your recovery goals.

Contact Westwind Recovery® to find out more about addiction treatment therapy programs in CA. Call us today to begin your addiction recovery journey with the music therapy program in Los Angeles.