adventure therapy program group ready to snowboard

Sometimes individuals need more than traditional talk therapy. To work through their substance abuse or improve their mental health, some clients need alternative treatment options. Westwind Recovery® provides numerous experiential therapies designed to get clients out of their comfort zones and into living their best lives. Among these in our adventure therapy program, we count ziplining, camping, water sports, hiking, surfing, planetarium outings, and much more.

What Is an Adventure Therapy Program

Adventure therapy, sometimes called experiential or recreational therapy, is an alternative form of therapy, that gets clients out into the world doing activities. This approach centers on whole-body health as clients recover from substance abuse or work on their mental health. As clients experience the world with others, they improve their communication skills, self-esteem, and mindfulness, all while finding new ways to express themselves.

Because some clients need treatment beyond traditional individual or group therapy, Westwind Recovery® designs innovative, fun, and challenging adventure therapy programs. Our adventure therapy helps clients unlock their emotions while learning new coping skills to deal with sometimes overwhelming feelings. The experience, hiking, surfing, or group therapy outings, allows you to understand and process your emotions. It does so by giving you an avenue to express yourself you may not have had previously. Also, adventure therapy provides a context, the wilderness, or ocean, for example, where relationship building is a must-have tool. Developing trust is vital for any recovery, whether for substance abuse or mental health.

Our Adventure Therapy Program

In our adventure therapy program, you’ll face challenges. You’ll take risks. But you’ll be surrounded by supportive, prepared professionals as well as encouraging peers as your teammates and partners. Thus, you’ll tackle your issues in a new environment with new tools in a controlled, calculated manner. Whether it’s camping, hiking, team sports, educational tours, surfing, or snowboarding, our outings keep you active both physically and mentally.

The insight you gain in an adventure therapy program is felt. You can’t underestimate the power of literally overcoming obstacles and coming to realize you have the power, the ability, and skill to do the same with your issues. In this way, an adventure therapy program impacts some clients in a more significant way than talk therapy. Thus, because everyone’s journey through recovery is unique, Westwind Recovery® offers a variety of programs and treatments. Aside from our adventure therapy program in Los Angeles, we offer:

The best recovery centers provide more than just traditional rehab services. You may find exactly what you need with Westwind Recovery®. Adventure therapy is clinically proven to help overcome substance abuse problems. Any client of any age or walk of life will benefit from Westwind Recovery®’s adventure therapy program. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment or program. Lasting recovery caters to your specific needs. Whether you’ve never been an outdoorsy person or you consider yourself active and athletic, adventure therapy can push your limits. Also, it can expose you to new and exciting techniques giving you fresh coping tools making your recovery a reality.

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