Cocaine is a deadly drug with a high potential for abuse. When cocaine addiction takes hold of your life, you might be hopeless and think you can never live a normal life again. However, comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment provides the critical treatment and support necessary to make a lasting recovery from cocaine addiction.

Admission into our drug rehab center in Los Angeles, CA is the first step towards overcoming cocaine addiction. Whether you are local or traveling from out of state, you will love the warm sunny weather and close access to some of the best beaches in the US.

About Cocaine Addiction Treatment

overcome cocaine addiction at a cocaine addiction treatment programIf you are using cocaine, which is an illicit substance, you most likely are suffering from a substance use disorder. The use of cocaine and abuse of this substance can also lead to psychological and physical issues. You may also be interested in seeking treatment at Westwind Recovery® because of social or work challenges associated with cocaine addiction.

Whatever the reason, when you are ready to start treatment, we are here to assist you. With our treatment services, you will be able to stay on the fast track to recovery. We also give you the tools and resources to ensure you maintain your path of sobriety for the long term.

When you visit our campus and begin our cocaine addiction treatment program, you are welcomed with open hearts and arms. We want to help you succeed no matter who you are and what your background, income, or circumstance may be. We also work with the LGBTQ community and help to encourage inclusion and diversity as part of the treatment process.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs

Comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment is necessary to make a lasting recovery from cocaine addiction. Upon your admission into our cocaine addiction treatment program, our addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to create a personalized addiction treatment plan, specific to your individual needs. Addiction treatment therapy programs commonly used to treat cocaine addiction include:

Our team is able to provide outpatient services for up to 80 adults at one time. Along with being located in one of the most exciting cities in the US, we have access to plenty of activities.

For our clients, we regularly arrange for outdoor adventures, including beach trips and waterfall hikes. We are even a pet-friendly treatment facility so that you can bring your furry friend for the duration. Once you have completed your outpatient treatment, we are ready to support your sober living needs. We have several different houses for you to transition straight into sober living in LA, including:

Each home offers a pet-friendly space with a fully equipped kitchen, heated pool, hot tub, wifi, free laundry access, and private and semi-private rooms. You have everything you need to live comfortably as you focus on your current priority, which is achieving sober living.

Contact Westwind Recovery®

We want to help you avoid letting your addictive behavior take over your life. If you are struggling with the psychological, physical, social, and behavioral changes associated with cocaine addiction, let us help. Our team is in place to assist you with treatment immediately. Contact Westwind Recovery® to regain control of your life by overcoming cocaine addiction today.