It’s not easy to decide to enter a heroin addiction treatment program. If you or a loved one is battling a heroin addiction, you have a long road ahead of you. Westwind Recovery® offers you a safe and supportive heroin addiction treatment program in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re from the area or traveling from another state to our heroin treatment facility, we can guide you through the healing process regardless of where you are in life. That’s because, unlike many other drug and alcohol treatment programs, we offer a high level of care without that exorbitant price tag.

We customize our program to meet your unique needs. Whether you suffer from addiction, mental illness, chronic pain, or the many combinations that they can take on, we see individuals first. We understand that the disease of heroin addiction has overtaken you. You’re no longer in control. Specializing in mental health disorders and LGBTQ clients, our integrative approach can help you renew your life.

patient and therapist in heroin addiction treatment programWhat Is Heroin Withdrawal Like?

Heroin causes extreme physical dependence, which a heroin addiction treatment program addresses. This journey often starts with medically-supervised detox in our treatment facility. Under the care of trained professionals in the detox setting, you’ll experience heroin withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Agitation and extreme anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Muscle cramps and aching

Additionally, you’ll typically experience extreme cravings for heroin because you know it can ease the pain. It’s nearly impossible for you to stand up to these cravings alone, making a safe and caring medically-assisted setting in a heroin addiction treatment program in Los Angeles the best option.

Heroin Addiction Withdrawals

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Going cold turkey from heroin can result in extreme and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. For that reason, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for heroin addiction may be a good option. You can receive MAT in residential, partial hospitalization, and the outpatient setting, depending on your unique needs.

These programs involve a combination of drug therapy, counseling, and other therapies. Once you’ve been approved for this type of heroin addiction treatment program in Los Angeles, a doctor administers a prescription medication that stops the heroin cravings. However, it doesn’t have the extreme mind and body-altering effects of heroin.

As you complete the heroin addiction treatment program, you learn how to better manage those cravings on your own. As you progress, you need less medication to control the cravings. Your doctor will then limit the dosing until you don’t need it anymore.

In addition, utilizing a holistic approach, our doctors may prescribe medications that help manage mental health disorders and chronic pain as part of your individualized MAT program. It’s all about you and your unique needs. We provide you with the tools to free yourself from the shackles of substance abuse.

What To Expect In Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

Whether you’re receiving MAT or not, your heroin addiction treatment program in Los Angeles won’t be uneventful. We can promise you that. We believe that people heal best when they develop a better understanding of who they are and why they want to get healthy in recovery. To this end, we like to have some fun in our program through adventure therapy, along with the evidence-based therapies we use in the program.

Whether it’s a trip to the beach, hiking to a waterfall, zip-lining, or water sports, adventure therapy has proven very effective in helping those with substance abuse disorders build self-esteem, develop pro-social behavior and learn to work together among other benefits.

As part of our integrative heroin treatment program, Westwind Recovery® employs adventure therapy along with other treatments such as:

You can have a successful recovery. We offer you the support, compassion, and evidence-based treatment you need to do so. Call us to learn more about heroin treatment programs.