When you struggle with addiction, some life skills may have fallen by the wayside. Other skills you may have forgotten completely. When you enroll in a life skills training program at Westwind Recovery®, we help you learn or relearn skills needed for an enjoyable and productive sober life. The life skills training program in Los Angeles is a crucial part of treating addiction and helping you recover. Our caring team helps you learn strategies and skills to give you the most significant chance of successfully remaining in recovery.

How Does a Life Skills Training Program Work?

When you have gone through a detox program, and you’re ready to ease your way back into your everyday life, you face a new challenge. Integrating yourself back into society can be difficult. To assist you, we provide training to help you. A life skills training program teaches you to survive emotionally, financially, and socially; you may have lost some of these skills during your struggle with addiction. 

Our goal is to help you learn effective behaviors for handling life. We may also incorporate life skills into other treatments, such as art therapy or chronic pain management treatment. These skills will become excellent habits to help you lead a healthy life. 

We also offer vital support to help you cope with painful emotions. You will learn how to deal with anxiety and stress without falling back into addiction. These skills could include meditation, art, or adventure. You will also learn how to channel emotions and build better relationships. You also gain anger management skills. 

What Type of Training Options Do You Offer?

Although therapy can help, a person needs to understand how to apply it in real life. Imagine a scenario where cravings or a trigger come up. Adapting circumstances to real life can help devise a plan whereby that person, place, or thing is avoided in the future to keep from being triggered

The whole goal is to find ways of bringing physical activity to a simulated situation that can help express what is going on in real life. What ends up happening is people can simulate conditions that are often difficult to process in real life. As they go through the simulation, they realize there may also be a funny side to it or find humor in the craziness of a situation without real emotion behind it, per se. It is a creative outlet that can help offer an expression of emotion while aiding in recovery. It is also a great way to inspire clients to enjoy different types of sober fun.

Depending on your needs, we may provide one of the following treatments, including:

  • Relationships skills
  • Mock interviews and job search assistance
  • Budgeting skills
  • Transportation system and bus routes 

Why Choose Westwind Recovery®’s Life Skills Training Program?

We offer many other treatment options, in conjunction with the life skills training program, including medication-assisted treatmentdetoxification programs, and a variety of therapy options. 

If you want to learn more about the life skills training program in Los Angeles or any of our other treatment options, contact Westwind Recovery® at 855.340.8832 today.