Maryland House


Westwind Recovery® provides supportive, comfortable, relaxed, and convenient environments for our residents, to help them rediscover their lives and passions during sobriety. Each of our world-class sober living homes promotes healthy and happy recovery through supportive care, services, and amenities.

common area leading to dining room at Maryland House

Westwind Recovery®’s Maryland House is the one that feels the most like a medieval cottage. Vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, French windows, a spiral staircase, and stained glass helps our clients immediately feel they’re right where they belong. Our modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances makes cooking almost effortless.

Sober living is a lower level of care that allows for more freedom in your day-to-day life without sacrificing the structure that usually walks hand-in-hand with treatment. After a long day of living life to its fullest, it is great to come home to furniture, inviting you to lean back and be absorbed, or to a bed engulfing you with comfort. The Maryland House is your Fortress of Solitude.

11 beds are divided among five bedrooms and four bathrooms, so rest assured, you will have plenty of elbow room! But, although the house itself is sunny and bright, with skylights that bathe you in natural sunlight, The Maryland House is not a place of isolation. Close to the world-famous shopping center The Grove, movie theaters, restaurants, cafes, and the renowned Farmer’s Market, our clients are often hard-pressed to find reasons to stay home and just do nothing. This is a house with the hustle and bustle that is all about granting you the freedom you need to get out there and live your best life!

Because the only thing better than getting clean and sober is building a life worth staying clean and sober for.


outside sitting area at Maryland House
outside sitting area with fire area at Maryland House
bed with laptop at Maryland House
bunk beds and dog at pet friendly Maryland House
exterior of Maryland House
wide shot exterior of Maryland House sober living home
dining room table at Maryland House
kitchen at Maryland House sober living home
living room with fireplace at Maryland House sober living home
living room leading to dining area at Maryland House

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