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As addiction professionals, the staff at Westwind Recovery® take the health and well-being of our clients very seriously. To that end, we have developed a broad spectrum response to what usually amounts to years of self-inflicted abuse and neglect. Thus, every client in our mental health treatment programs is able to address their physical condition as they cultivate powerfully reinforced spiritual connections.

Features of Our Mental Health Treatment Programs

We make sure to provide clients with the appropriate resources they need at every step of the recovery process, all the way to sober living. If you struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, medically supervised detox is the first step on the path to recovery.

Our customizable approach to treatment may be just what you need if you’re ready to confront your addiction. After detox, residential care may be necessary as you explore any underlying issues. Often people find substance abuse stems from deeper issues.

Therefore, our compassionate professions identify and treat these mental issues as your body heals. Once treatment runs its course, you’ll need a quality aftercare program. Often, lasting recovery and long-term sobriety mean clients need continued care after treatment. Westwind Recovery® provides this through our excellent sober living program. Here, you can integrate back into your ordinary life in a gradual manner improving your chances of avoiding relapse.

Mental Health Treatment

Our Facilities

We pride ourselves on providing several outlets for clients to regain their health in a manner befitting someone embarking on a new life.

Each of the locations we oversee come with swimming pools and jacuzzies. Not only do we provide memberships and transportation to our fully-equipped gym, but also we have a registered dietician to ensure that the workout is complimented by a proper diet. We offer nutrition groups, body positivity groups, yoga, and recreational activities such as hikes and regular outings. All of these are geared towards providing clients with the environment they need to recover.

Along the way, Westwind Recovery® has crafted unique treatment services to cater to the needs of our clients. For instance, some of the traditional and alternative therapy programs we offer include:

Successful recovery means treating the whole body. Often, mental health issues arise due to past trauma or for reasons unknown to the individual. Our programs get at the heart of your issues, providing you with innovative ways to improve your overall mental health.

When your mind is healthy, then you are better able to avoid and overcome substance abuse or addiction. Therefore, we create a setting at our facilities that support our mental health treatment programs. Because each strengthens the other, you get the best of both worlds as you work to regain control of your life.

Find Help at our Mental Health Facility in Los Angeles

One would be hard-pressed to find a facility that does as much for the body, mind, and spirit as Westwind Recovery®. You are certain to find our mental health treatment programs in Los Angeles, alongside our superb facilities, to be the ideal solution to your recovery concerns.

Contact Westwind Recovery® for addiction and mental health treatment. Get the recovery you deserve. Call us to discuss mental health treatment programs in Los Angeles.