Westwind Recovery® Treatment Model

While addiction treatment is a difficult decision, Westwind Recovery® tries to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Our addiction treatment center programs are different from other programs because of our high level of care, our affordability, and our dedication to recovery. We employ a customizable approach to treatment. After all, not everybody can recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders in the same way. Each individual is different and unique, so too is the Westwind Recovery® approach at the Los Angeles addiction treatment center. As a result of our integrated approach with many different modalities, you or your loved one will easily find a component that resonates.

Start with Addiction Treatment Center Programs


With easy and accessible options for outpatient treatment and recovery, clients can interface with us without disrupting work, childcare responsibilities, and other everyday needs. Westwind Recovery® uses a combination of medicinal and holistic treatment strategies to help clients weather the storm of addiction with less struggle and more support.



The first few weeks and months of recovery are often the hardest. Therefore, starting treatment in a residential sober living program is highly recommended. Clients are encouraged to take advantage of our Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). In PHP, clients visit daily from Monday through Friday, staying for up to eight hours at a time, while spending evenings and weekends at home. PHP is more affordable, easier for many clients to access as far as addiction treatment center programs go. It is a perfect choice for anyone who cannot otherwise get the help they need through residential or outpatient programs. Westwind Recovery®’s partial hospitalization options help clients stay sober for life.


Outpatient (OP) recovery programs in CA provide another layer of support for clients motivated to stay sober for life. Westwind Recovery®’s medical care team works with each client on an outpatient basis. They ensure they have the right tools for self-support in all that they do – including managing everyday stressors, treating mental health conditions, or even just being productive at school, work, or family life. Therapeutic treatment options let clients choose their path forward, transitioning slowly into self-sustainability without rushing the process or risking a relapse.



Westwind Recovery®’s residence programs provide long-term, 24-7 support for California inpatient treatment program graduates. Our recovery homes at the addiction treatment center are comfortable, welcoming, and structured around long-term sober living community concepts. Clients build new lifestyle habits and schedules under the close watchful eye of support staff in a safe, substance-free environment, living and bonding with others who have the same essential goals. Living with other clients also creates unique opportunities to re-learn how to socialize and form friendships without turning to addictive behaviors or succumbing to cravings. Clients who spend time in Los Angeles sober living program facilities are more successful and better able to move forward.



The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Westwind Recovery®’s addiction treatment center provides flexible support options for clients with school, work, or family commitments. IOP is also an excellent choice for clients transitioning from our PHP programs who need a higher level of accountability and support as they transition into long-term sobriety. Our goal is always to teach clients how to achieve better physical and mental health through active living, stress-relief modalities, and whole person wellness. Spending time in Westwind’s IOP environment is an effective and reliable way to reduce the risk of future relapses and addiction struggles. Having a support network matters.