Addiction Treatment Therapy Programs

Addiction – It’s a hard word to come to grips with. Addiction is a life-inhibiting sickness; a trap no one wants to be caught in. How can someone who is addicted break the damaging cycle and begin the journey to recovery?

The answer may lie in addiction treatment therapy programs like those at Westwind Recovery®.

What Are Addiction Treatment Therapy Programs?

First, addiction treatment therapy programs are only effective if true change is desired. The National Institute on Drug Abuse outlines several different types of addiction treatment therapies, but each type begins with detoxification.

Detoxification is generally medically managed as side effects can be unpleasant to life-threatening. The body must rid itself of the harmful substance before issues of the mind and body can be addressed.

Those who struggle acutely with addiction will most likely need the attention level of residential addiction treatment therapy programs. The 24/7 care that this type of program offers is invaluable during the critical detox phase.

Once detox is complete, an inpatient addiction treatment therapy program will consist of highly structured schedules and services. This intense therapy will focus on rebuilding the individual’s mental health and feelings of self-worth.

Clients who no longer need around-the-clock care or whose addiction is new or partly managed may benefit from outpatient addiction treatment therapy programs. Outpatient therapy is part-time and significantly less expensive than inpatient care.

Outpatient addiction treatment therapy programs are much more flexible and can assist the clientt in transitioning back to normal life. Continuing treatment will focus strongly on mental health as well as staying clean of substances.

Why Is an Addiction Treatment Therapy Program So Important?

Accountability is the primary reason that addiction treatment therapy programs are so effective. Self-treatment and self-effort produce very low success rates among addicted individuals. It truly takes a village to rebuild physical and mental health.

Expertise is the second game-changer on the road to addiction recovery. The peace of mind gained through expert medical care is invaluable. By taking advantage of a team of licensed therapists and medical professionals, you will be more likely to maintain lasting results.

Lastly, the community plays a significant role in successful addiction rehabilitation. Much inspiration can be gained by walking shoulder to shoulder with others also on the road to substance-free living. A fellow team member can offer a specific type of support much different than that of a medical professional or therapist.

What Services are Offered in Addiction Treatment Therapy Programs?

There are many different specialty resources available in addiction treatment therapy programs. Each option reinforces the healing of both the mind and body. Some of the possible offerings are as follows:

  • Family Therapy – healing of and support for the whole family unit
  • Health and Wellness – nutrition counseling, physical fitness, etc.
  • Trauma Therapy – healing from a life-threatening physical event
  • Pain Management – chronic pain relief through medication, yoga, etc.

The list above is only a sample of what is offered in addiction treatment therapy programs. Client programs are tailored to fit each client’s specific physical and mental health needs.

Where To Obtain Good Addiction Treatment Therapy Programs

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, you don’t have to go it alone. At Westwind Recovery®, we have a skilled team of therapists and health care specialists who will work with you to accomplish your physical and mental health goals.

In addition to excellent mental health and physical wellness programs, we also offer adventure therapy – a fun way for you to connect with your therapy community through activities like hiking, surfing or snowboarding!

We know that reaching out is often the most difficult step in beginning your journey towards recovery. Whatever treatment you choose, our desire is to come alongside you to offer support and medical help in your time of need.

If you are interested in pursuing addiction treatment therapy programs in Los Angeles, CA, please contact us today at 855.340.8832.