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What is Microdosing LSD/Mushrooms?

Micro-dosing can be considered taking a sub-perceptual dose of a substance. This means that you won’t necessarily feel the effects of the drug, but it may still influence your mood and behavior. Microdosing is common among people who use psychedelics recreationally, but it can also be used as a tool for self-improvement or therapeutic purposes.… Continue Reading What is Microdosing LSD/Mushrooms?

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Substance Abuse By Race

In the United States, race is defined as “the classification of humans into groups on the basis of physical characteristics.” There are four main racial categories in the U.S.: White Black or African American Asian Native American or Alaska Native. There are also many other subcategories within these main categories. According to the National Survey… Continue Reading Substance Abuse By Race

a woman finding the first steps of addiction recovery

Finding Your First Steps in Recovery

Recovery from an addiction is a difficult journey, but not an impossible one. Establishing the first steps in recovery will set a path towards a permanent, sustainable, and healthy life, free from addiction and pain. Whether seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, counseling, treatment, and support are necessary for living an addiction-free life.… Continue Reading Finding Your First Steps in Recovery