At Westwind Recovery®, we understand the challenges of prescription drug addiction. Our welcoming, compassionate staff is here to help you. Admission into our Los Angeles addiction treatment program is the first step towards overcoming your addiction to prescription drugs. Our comprehensive prescription drug addiction treatment program provides the critical addiction treatment and support necessary for lasting recovery from prescription drugs.

Prescription Drug Addiction Is a Growing Threat

overcome addiction to prescription drugs with admission into a prescription drug addiction treatment program
According to a 2020 report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), approximately 16.1 million people reported misusing a prescription psychotherapeutic drug in the past year. About 4.8 million people reported misusing benzodiazepines within the past 12 months. Around 9.3 million people reported abusing prescription painkillers.

As a result, it’s imperative to get help if you know someone that is struggling with prescription drug addiction or you are battling it yourself. Keep in mind that the symptoms of prescription drug abuse are not always easy to see. They may include:

  • The need to use more of the drug than you once were using to get the same level of relief
  • Running out of medication before your next prescription is due
  • Feeling agitated and apprehensive when you run out of medication
  • The need to use the drug to get through the day
  • Financial problems, work or school-related issues due to a focus on using the drug

If you think these symptoms describe what is happening to you or your loved one, take action. At Westwind Recovery®, our prescription drug addiction treatment program is available to help you right away.

How Can a Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Los Angeles Help You?

Prescription drug addiction is not something you can stop. It requires a careful withdrawal process under the watchful eye of trained medical professionals. When you use our prescription drug addiction treatment program, we will help to ensure your dependency on the drug is alleviated.

Our team will help you develop the tools and resources necessary to help you successfully manage your stress and triggers. This will help you to avoid relapse. It’s not always the client’s fault for becoming addicted, especially since many doctors prescribe these medications at high levels. Yet, it is your responsibility to gain the tools and resources to get help.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Our prescription drug addiction treatment program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you work toward recovery. A great deal of our prescription drug addiction treatment program is based on providing the tools for managing the underlying mental health conditions that contribute to prescription drug addiction. We strive to help our clients understand themselves, their needs, and the behaviors that lead to prescription drug addiction.

Furthermore, you will learn valuable coping skills to avoid turning to drugs when faced with trauma. Upon your admission into our prescription drug addiction treatment program, our addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to create a personalized addiction treatment plan. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapies commonly used to treat addiction to prescription drugs include:

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