World Mental Health Day is Saturday, October 10th. What are you doing on this day to celebrate mental health and well-being? For many people, commemorating this day may involve taking a bit of time off from work or just de-stressing in some manner. For others, especially those working through mental health issues, there is help available. At Westwind Recovery®, we want to provide you with the tools you need to thrive.

What Can You Do to Celebrate World Mental Health Day?

It is important for many people to take note of World Mental Health Day for their own well-being. Are you struggling with what’s happening in your own mind? You may need some support. At the same time, World Mental Health Day is also an important time for you to pay attention to the needs of others around you. Here are some ways to make this day count.

Have a Real Conversation

One of the best ways to focus on World Mental Health Day is to open up the conversation. Now is a good time to sit down with friends to talk about what they are going through. This is also a good time to talk to a family member that may be depressed or someone that has gone through a lot in the last few years. Just having a conversation like this can open the door for them to get any mental health treatment that is necessary.

Identify the Signs of a Crisis Situation

Do you know when to react when there is no time to put off getting someone help? Even if there is no one in your life right now in this situation, there may be in the future. Recognize these signs and note that this is when someone needs a mental health treatment program right away:

  • They talk about being helpless or hopeless.
  • They are using drugs or alcohol to hide or manage mental illness.
  • Suicide and death are topics they discuss often.
  • Isolation is increasing with the individual pulling away from friends and family.
  • They are talking more about feeling worthless or being unable to do anything right.
  • A person may experience manic highs and lows in a short period of time.

When a person displays these symptoms, reach out to them to find out what they are really facing.

Learn About Available Treatment Options

World Mental Health Day is also a good time to talk to a loved one in need about the wide range of treatment programs available to them. Westwind Recovery® offers treatment for both addiction and mental health issues, including:

The key here is to help your loved one to know there is help available to them. That can empower them to find the support they need.

Talk to Others About Your Own Situation

Have you worked hard to get the mental health treatment you needed? This World Mental Health Day, tell others about what happened to you. Discuss your needs now, but also what you felt before you got help. This can open the door to help other people to know what they need to do to get the support they need. It also works to help reduce the stigma that is associated with mental illness, a common reason people do not get the care they need. You can help prevent suicide and improve the quality of life of those around you by simply sharing how you got help.

Get the Support You Need at Westwind Recovery®

There’s no doubt of the importance of World Mental Health Day. Spending time learning about it is important, but you should also recognize your own needs for support. If you may need mental health treatment, Westwind Recovery® is here to support you. Call our compassionate counselors at 855.340.8832 today to learn more.