Pain is a natural reaction to illness or injury, alerting us that something is wrong. Usually, when the illness or the injury is healed, the pain goes away. When pain persists for at least three months or longer, it is considered to be chronic. The underlying causes of chronic pain are wide-reaching. Research indicates that the effects of chronic pain impact nearly 50 million American adults and that it is the number one cause of disability throughout the world.

The personal and societal costs of chronic pain are significantly higher than for other leading causes of disease like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. A chronic pain management program like that offered at Westwind Recovery® in LA provides treatment for both the physical and mental health components of chronic pain. Call us today to find out more.

Is There Chronic Pain Management Near Me?

Chronic pain usually begins with an injury, but there are many other contributing factors like age, surgery, and disease. Women are shown to have higher rates of chronic pain than men. Cancer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and different types of arthritis are commonly linked to chronic pain. In many other instances, the source of chronic pain appears to have a psychological component, making successful treatment more complex.

While there is a clear relationship between chronic pain and mental health issues, it cannot be said that one causes the other. However, people suffering from chronic pain exhibit higher rates of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and addiction. A successful chronic pain management program will address co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Westwind Recovery® has a comprehensive chronic pain management program in Los Angeles designed to address all of the components of your chronic pain. Treatments include:

Often, individuals with chronic pain can develop an addiction to their prescribed pain medication without being fully aware that it has happened. We address this with a thorough assessment that begins with a detox process that provides around-the-clock medical care. Our unique approach to individualized treatment that combines the foundations of 12-step work with evidence-based therapies has made Westwind a leader in the treatment field. Contact us today to learn more.

Treating Chronic Pain

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to chronic pain. Treatments for chronic pain are just as diverse as the causes and need to be highly individualized to be effective. Studies show that prescription medication provides significant relief for nearly 60 percent of individuals with chronic pain. However, these medications are highly addictive, and prolonged use can lead to other health issues. Effective treatment for chronic pain needs to involve medication management, physical treatments, and mental health treatments.

Many who have relied upon prescription or illicit opioids to manage their chronic pain are fearful that they cannot live without them. The chronic pain management specialists at Westwind Recovery® understand this fear and how to address it. We have the experience to know that there are many successful ways to treat chronic pain without the use of opioids, including:

  • Non-opioid drugs
  • Holistic pain management
  • Counseling and support groups
  • Physical therapy
  • 12-step treatment programs
  • Nutrition and exercise

You do not have to live with the effects of chronic pain. Call us to speak with an intake specialist who can help you plan your individualized chronic pain management programs today.

Westwind Recovery® Offers Chronic Pain Management in LA

At Westwind Recovery®, our goal is to help every person who walks through our doors achieve life-long recovery from chronic pain, substance abuse, and mental health disorders. We provide a wide range of holistic and evidence-based therapies in an upscale, private, resort-like setting. Reach out to us today by calling 855.340.8832 to discover the joy of recovery.