Drug or alcohol dependence is a common struggle. For most people who struggle with addiction, drug rehab is an essential part of their recovery and return to a healthy lifestyle in sobriety. Finding the right addiction treatment center can be difficult, making the hope of recovery seem out of reach.

When choosing a drug addiction treatment center, there are some critical factors to consider, including levels of care required, lifestyle, and therapy options.

At Westwind Recovery®Ⓡ, we understand how difficult the decision can be to find the right rehab program to meet your needs and have designed our inpatient drug rehab programs to ensure that you or a loved one receives quality care in a loving, supportive community. If you are faced with drug or alcohol addiction, learn how to begin the road to recovery by calling 855.340.8832.

Keeping Your Personal Needs in Mind

Every person is an individual with a range of experiences that led them to where they are now. Deciding whether an inpatient or outpatient program is right for you is an important first step in the recovery process. Based on the levels of care needed, family and work circumstances, and therapeutic options needed, an inpatient program may be the ideal option to help you reach your goals. A top program will keep your personal needs and goals in mind.

A residential addiction treatment program doesn’t use a one size fits all approach. Instead, they offer individualized treatment plans that help each client work towards their personal goals and meet their unique needs. The staff will be experienced and competent at treating drug and alcohol addiction and compassionate and connecting with the people seeking treatment, and affecting positive change in their lives.

Levels of Care

Drug and alcohol addiction are complex issues that require sensitivity, compassion, and expertise to teach clients to manage their addiction and live productive lives. A quality program should offer a variety of programs and services to meet clients where they are and the levels of care required, including:

Clients who receive the type and level of care that best suits their needs are more likely to complete the program easily and smoothly transition to the next stage of their sobriety.

Many people who are faced with addiction avoid receiving the treatment that they need due to a variety of reasons:

  • Family and relationships
  • Work obligations
  • Shame and embarrassment

At Westwind, we understand the importance of privacy and the many responsibilities that may hold a person back from taking that step and seeking treatment for addiction. An inpatient program must ensure a client’s privacy while providing them with treatment options best suited to meet their individual needs.

A client’s lifestyle outside of a treatment program may hinder them from making progress. An inpatient program’s benefit is that it frees them from those distractions, allowing them to focus solely on their recovery and overall well-being.

Therapy and Recovery

Therapy is an essential part of recovery. Although some people may want to sit this part out, therapy is an integral part of understanding the path that led to addiction or dependence. However, it does not have to be challenging or uncomfortable.

The experienced staff at Westwind Recovery® believes in making the recovery process engaging, fun, and vibrant. They have created a broad range of evidence-based programs and services to keep a client fully committed to achieving their goals, including:

  • Family therapy program
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Mental health treatment programs
  • TMS therapy program
  • Trauma therapy program
  • Virtual reality meditation therapy
  • Adventure therapy program
  • Art therapy program
  • Music therapy program
  • Life skills

Therapy options will lay the groundwork for clients to forge new relationships, create healthy, life-long habits, and enjoy their lives outside of treatment.

Learn More About Inpatient Drug Rehab at Westwind Recovery®

Drug and alcohol addiction is a treatable disease. Finding the right drug rehab program is the first step in living a healthy, successful sober life. However, it is not a decision to be made lightly.

The compassionate, experienced staff at Westwind Recovery® make sobriety an appealing task. We are more than simply a residential addiction treatment center – we are a community of people who have struggled with and fought the battle against addiction.

Learn more about how an inpatient drug rehab program at Westwind Recovery® may be the right place to get you started on the road to recovery and lifelong sobriety. Reach out using the online form or by calling one of our compassionate staff members at 855.340.8832.