Sober living homes are group homes for people in recovery that are free of alcohol and drugs. Many individuals who have completed an addiction treatment program do not feel ready to return to their home environment right away. Sober living programs serve as a transition from inpatient treatment to independent living and provide individuals the opportunity to practice the skills they learned in rehab while living in a supportive environment.

Finding sober living in Los Angeles is easy with Westwind Recovery®. Our seven world-class sober living homes are conveniently located throughout the greater Los Angeles region. To learn more about which of our sober living homes will be the best fit for you, reach out to us using our online form or calling 855.340.8832.

Choosing a Sober Living Home

A sober living program is ideal for individuals who need a safe and structured place to live after completing addiction treatment. In the Westwind Recovery® sober living program in Los Angeles, you will enjoy the freedom of living in the regular world while learning to master self-care in a supportive, substance-free home environment. The main goal of our sober living homes is to promote personal accountability and provide a sober community for those new to recovery.

Your time in a sober living home is scheduled with meal times, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, exercise, 12-step meetings, and other addiction therapies designed to foster your recovery. Our sober living homes are well-appointed with all of the necessities and plenty of amenities, including:

  • TVs with premium cable and streaming services
  • Heated pool and hot tub
  • Computers, printers, and WiFi
  • Patios or backyards
  • Free laundry services
  • Food staples and household supplies
  • Storage for bicycles, surfboards, and other sports equipment

Other benefits include weekly sober outings, convenient parking, transportation to meetings, and pet-friendly homes. 24/7 live-in management offers extra support and structure. Residents of sober living homes are expected to adhere to the homes’ rules, including random drug testing, and contribute to the home’s upkeep through chores and other responsibilities.

A Closer Look at the Westwind Recovery® Sober Living Homes

The Westwind Recovery® sober living homes are conveniently located throughout the greater Los Angeles area. In choosing sober living, you are granting yourself the opportunity to have a healthy living experience free from potential triggers and temptations to use drugs or alcohol.
Through an assessment with an intake specialist, we will find the sober living home best suited to meet your individual needs. Here is a closer look at each of our homes:

  • Houdini House – Located on the Harry Houdini estate on Laurel Canyon Blvd., this home has 12 beds divided among three bedrooms with three full bathrooms. This coed home is an LGBQTI-safe environment with easy access to schools, supermarkets, coffee shops, parks, and restaurants.
  • Hayes House – Located in the Mid-Wilshire District, this coed home offers 16 beds divided among five bedrooms and a gorgeous swimming pool. Residents of Hayes House are within walking distance to The Grove outdoor shopping plaza and popular cultural spots like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
  • Laurel Canyon House – Blocks from the famous Sunset Strip, this all-male home has two bathrooms and 12 beds between seven bedrooms. There is full access to a plethora of restaurants, parks, grocery stores, and other conveniences.
  • Maryland House – Situated on Maryland Drive with full access to movie theaters, restaurants, cafes, shopping, and the famous Farmer’s Market, this all-male home feels like a medieval castle. It offers four bathrooms and 11 beds divided among five bedrooms.
  • Colgate House – The centerpiece of this home on Colgate Ave is the updated chef’s kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances. Also within walking distance of The Grove and Farmer’s Market and everything else you need, this all-male house has 12 beds between four bedrooms and three full bathrooms.
  • Detroit House – In the heart of West Hollywood, Detroit House offers luxury sober living at its best. This seven-bedroom home is close to dining, shopping, art, and the Southern California beaches.
  • Fuller House – In the heart of LA, west of La Cienega, this prestigious seven-bedroom home offers world-class amenities and access to shopping, dining, beaches, surfing, hiking, and more.

Contact Westwind Recovery® for Sober Living in Los Angeles

Westwind Recovery®’s sober living homes provide hope for the future for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of living a life of sobriety. Find the support you need by reaching out online or contacting our team to learn more about our sober living program.