Of the millions of Americans who struggle with substance use disorders, approximately only one in ten seek treatment, though it is widely available. There are many reasons why people choose not to seek professional addiction treatment. Among the top is the time required for inpatient treatment and its restrictions on the ability to tend to daily responsibilities such as work and family obligations. For people who feel too busy to take time away from everyday life to attend inpatient treatment, outpatient drug rehab at Westwind Recovery® offers a solution. To see if you or your loved one can benefit from an outpatient program, contact us.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Benefits Many

Most people who suffer from substance use disorders do so while leading their everyday lives. They often struggle to balance their substance abuse with their obligations to work, family, friends, and daily life responsibilities. Informally these individuals are referred to as functioning alcoholics. On the surface, these individuals may appear fine, but they are struggling internally.

Individuals who have not experienced significant consequences resulting from their substance abuse or addiction are often in denial. They point to their level of functioning as proof that their drug or alcohol use is not problematic. Others who know they are suffering may fear the stigma of addiction or losing their job or relationships, which often prevents them from seeking help until they have reached rock-bottom. An outpatient drug rehab program is ideal for these individuals. Others who can benefit from participation in an outpatient rehab center include:

  • Single parents and parents of young children
  • Individuals who have a stable living situation and a solid existing support network
  • Individuals who have demanding jobs, cannot take time off work, or are self-employed
  • Students
  • Individuals seeking an aftercare program following inpatient treatment
  • Those who have relapsed or need continuing support
  • Individuals who have mild to moderate substance use disorders and do not require 24-hour support

Those who will succeed in outpatient rehab acknowledge the need for treatment and have the motivation and desire to seek recovery while maintaining their regular daily routine. If you feel you can benefit from outpatient rehab, call Westwind Recovery® to learn more about our outpatient programs.

An Outpatient Rehab Center Provides Many Services

Compared to inpatient addiction treatment, outpatient rehab provides less structure and supervision but offers many of the same services. At Westwind Recovery®, the number of hours per day and week that you spend at the outpatient rehab center depends upon your individual needs and the level of support you require. The length of time spent in outpatient rehab is also based on your personal needs and progress in meeting treatment goals. At the start of treatment, you will work with a clinician to help develop an individualized treatment plan. The services offered in our outpatient drug rehab include:

  • One-to-one counseling with an addiction specialist
  • Group therapy
  • One-to-one appointments with a medical doctor and psychiatrist
  • Educational sessions
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Life skills support and career counseling
  • Medication management

Because addiction is a family disease, we offer family therapy, education, and support to assist family members in healing from the effects of addiction, learning how to set healthy boundaries, and repairing relationships.

Contact Westwind Recovery® for Outpatient Drug Rehab

At Westwind Recovery®, we know that inpatient drug rehab is often not an option for many because of various circumstances. Our outpatient drug rehab center offers clients the flexibility to receive treatment while still tending to the obligations of everyday life.

The goal of our outpatient drug rehab program is to stabilize your health and provide you with the information, skills, and resources to enable you to heal and reclaim your life from drug and alcohol abuse or addiction. To succeed at this, we incorporate holistic and evidence-based treatment modalities to create a course of treatment personalized to meet your unique needs. To begin the journey to recovery today, contact us.