Most people suffering from addiction are afraid to call for help. When they call for help, they must admit that something is wrong. They fear the judgment and stigma that comes with addiction. Also, they may fear legal consequences and the dramatic change in their life. They fear what’s going to happen in their lives financially, emotionally, psychologically, and even spiritually. The unknown stares them in the face when they call for addiction help. However, there is also an incredible amount of support that comes with making that phone call. Typically, drug treatment provides a wide variety of services and sober help to help you overcome addiction and maintain your sobriety in recovery.

Types of Sober Help in Addiction Recovery

Finding the help an individual needs to overcome addiction can seem overwhelming. Perhaps a good first step is zeroing in on the kind of substance abuse that is afflicting the individual. Sober help can come in many forms. For example, at Westwind Recovery®, we offer treatment for

In treatment, individuals will have an opportunity to spend time with others who are also getting sober. In these group therapy sessions and support groups similar to 12 Step programs, those struggling with addiction learn self-help and coping skills to replace dependence on substances. Also, they learn how to develop individualized, goal-orientated plans for recovery.

Types of Addiction Treatment Therapy Programs

The clinicians, staff, counselors, and intake workers know just how hard it is to make that phone call. Everyone who works in the field of addiction and recovery recognizes that challenge of getting sober help for yourself and all the forces that prevent you from doing that. For this reason, when you do finally make that call, the person on the other end is most likely going to be understanding, accepting, compassionate, and supportive. He or she is going to help you with the steps you need to take to continue your first few steps on the road to recovery. At Westwind Recovery®, the therapy programs we offer give clients the sober help they need. Some of our therapies include:

We provide numerous ways for you or someone you love to get the necessary treatment and therapy. Sober help comes in many forms, so Westwind Recovery® makes sure to provide options. Our counselors and therapists coordinate with your physicians to make sure you get the external services you need. Through our aftercare and alumni programs, once an individual has completed treatment, we can lend support in finding work, a place to live, and other supportive community programs. Further, the supportive community individuals develop through treatment can aid them in dealing with the legal system and provide advocacy when needed.

Westwind Recovery®

Keep in mind, however, that not all addiction treatment facilities will deliver the entire set of services listed above. It depends upon the facility. Some treatment centers will provide you with everything you need. At the same time, others give you only the bare minimum: a recovery residence to call home for a while. It depends on what you want and what you can afford.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, call for help today at 855.340.8832. There is a whole staff of people who are ready and willing to provide the support you need. Yes, some feelings and circumstances may be keeping you from calling. However, at some point, addiction might become a life or death situation. Don’t wait until a point of desperation; call for help today.