an addiction specialist smiles while she does her job

What Is an Addiction Specialist?

In the early stages of recovery or while looking to help a loved one, you may have come across the term “addiction specialist.” This professional plays a special role in substance abuse treatment programs. For those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, addiction specialists can be invaluable resources on the road to recovery. If you’re… Continue Reading What Is an Addiction Specialist?

a person practices art therapy for addiction

What Is Art Therapy?

Throughout history, art has been used in communication, conflict resolution, self-expression, and healing. “Art therapy” was coined as a term in the 1940s, when pioneers in the field of psychology discovered the benefits of using art in therapy with children and families. Since then, art therapy has been successfully used throughout a wide array of… Continue Reading What Is Art Therapy?

older man showing how to help a loved one in recovery

How to Help a Loved One Move on After Relapse

If your spouse, sibling, child, or parent is in recovery, you’re probably big support for them. So you will likely witness the ups and downs of their recovery. Relapse can be a difficult experience for both the recovering addict as well as the loved one supporting them. However, as a loved one concerned for your… Continue Reading How to Help a Loved One Move on After Relapse

woman looking off wondering will I be an addict for life

Will I Be an Addict for Life?

There’s a saying among the Alcoholics Anonymous community that goes like this: Once an addict, always an addict. And this saying exists for good reason. Many people, including experts, believe that once a person has struggled with addiction, they will always be vulnerable to the illness even after many years of sobriety. So, it’s a… Continue Reading Will I Be an Addict for Life?

couple hugging after getting sober help

The Incredible Support You Get When You Call For Addiction Help

Most people suffering from addiction are afraid to call for help. When they call for help, they must admit that something is wrong. They fear the judgment and stigma that comes with addiction. Also, they may fear legal consequences and the dramatic change in their life. They fear what’s going to happen in their lives… Continue Reading The Incredible Support You Get When You Call For Addiction Help