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Finding the Right Sober Support to Heal from Addiction

Addiction is an illness that affects the mind, body, and spirit. Depending upon the drug, addiction can do severe harm to the body. It’s very common for individuals to ignore their nutritional needs by eating poorly or hardly eating at all. Addiction can also change the brain in ways that can make them believe they […]

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How to Support Your Spouse in Sobriety

Relationships and marriage can have their challenges. However, when you add addiction to the mix, marriages can experience a significant strain. Although your spouse might be sober now, a marriage can still feel burdened by recovery and the possibility of relapse. If you want to offer your spouse sober support in recovery, one of the […]

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The Incredible Support You Get When You Call For Addiction Help

Most people suffering from addiction are afraid to call for help. When they call for help, they must admit that something is wrong. They fear the judgment and stigma that comes with addiction. Also, they may fear legal consequences and the dramatic change in their life. They fear what's going to happen in their lives [...]
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