client at Westwind Recovery® getting blood pressure checked during medication assisted treatment (MAT)

One of the reasons that many individuals don’t seek treatment is the unfortunate reputation that surrounds detox. People think treatment is always hard, uncomfortable, and painful. However, with a medication assisted treatment program, otherwise known as MAT, this doesn’t have to be true. Learn about the medication assisted treatment program in Los Angeles and how Westwind Recovery® can use it to help you end the hold addiction has over you. 

What is a Medication Assisted Treatment Program?

A medication-assisted treatment center uses medications to help ease uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as you begin your treatment. Buprenorphine and naltrexone are two of the prescriptions that we may use to further diminish cravings and some of the additional adverse withdrawal symptoms. Using these medicines, we help you clear your mind so that you can concentrate on your treatments.

Why Do Medication-Assisted Treatment Programs Have A Negative Stigma?

One reason for the poor reputation surrounding MAT is that there is still a stigma around addiction. If you have a chronic illness, such as asthma, our society encourages you to get treatment. However, the same cannot be said for addiction, though the circumstances are not dissimilar. At Westwind Recovery®, we believe addiction treatment should get the same treatment as any other chronic disease. If we use medication prescribed and monitored by doctors, we help you stay comfortable as you go through treatment. 

Another reason for MAT’s poor reputation is that people think that a medication-assisted treatment program merely trades one addiction for another. However, this is untrue. We monitor you carefully for signs of abuse or dependence. For instance, buprenorphine helps block cravings and other challenging withdrawal symptoms. It is useful for pain management in a controlled and safe application. It is ideal for our programs. 

We do not give these treatments out to just anyone. Not everyone requires medication, and how long we use it varies from person to person. If you do need medicine, the dosage and duration vary. The factors depend on your size, the drug you were addicted to, and your dependence and tolerance. Because we don’t want you to become addicted to anything new, we monitor you, just in case we need to modify the dosage.

A Medication Assisted Treatment Program at Westwind Recovery®

At Westwind Recovery®, we are devoted to helping you reach recovery. Our MAT program is part of a holistic treatment approach. There, we focus on healing you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We want to change the poor reputation of a medication-assisted treatment program in Los Angeles. In order to do this, we provide constant support and guidance through the treatment process. We aren’t going to let you walk alone. 

Westwind Recovery® is an LGBTQ+ friendly rehabilitation program. We want to help you beat your addiction. In addition to the medication-assisted treatment program, we also offer other treatment options, including:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Virtual reality meditation therapy
  • Art therapy programs
  • Life skills training programs

At Westwind Recovery®, we understand how important it is for opioid-dependent clients to remain in treatment. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to treat opioid-dependent clients helps opioid addicts feel safe in treatment longer. This allows for profound, long-term recovery by enabling them to engage in the program without the onset of ancillary physiological triggers. We designed our program to ease the detox and recovery processes while rehabilitating from addiction. From opioid treatment and anxiety medications to pain management and ADHD regulation, there are many medically prescribed pharmaceutical drugs we utilize during and beyond recovery to help you continue to live a life free from addiction.

If you have questions regarding how a medication assisted treatment program can assist in your recovery, contact Westwind Recovery® at 855.340.8832. Sobriety is possible at Westwind Recovery®.