woman participating in medical detox los angeles

Best Options for Medical Detox in Los Angeles

Recognizing the need for drug or alcohol detox is the first step on the path to lifelong recovery. Because there are so many treatment center options, finding the rehab center best suited for you or your loved one can feel overwhelming. It is essential to do the proper research before making a final decision. Substance… Continue Reading Best Options for Medical Detox in Los Angeles

woman struggles with painkiller withdrawal symptoms

Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

Analgesics is the medical term for painkillers. Painkillers fall into four distinct categories: non-opioid, anti-inflammatory, compound, and opioid. Some painkillers are over-the-counter (OTC), while others require a prescription. All painkillers can be misused, and even OTC painkillers can negatively impact the body in certain circumstances. Compound painkillers can be potentially addictive, while opioid painkillers are… Continue Reading Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

woman struggles with symptoms of meth addiction

Symptoms of Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine is derived from amphetamine, a potent central nervous system stimulator. Amphetamines are commonly prescribed to treat medical conditions, including ADHD, narcolepsy, and clinical obesity. When used properly, these medications are highly effective. Methamphetamine, referred to as meth, crystal meth, crystal, and crank, is illegally produced in meth labs and sold as a recreational drug.… Continue Reading Symptoms of Meth Addiction

a person is going to try medication assisted treatment

3 Reasons to Try Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an individualized approach to treating substance use disorders that utilizes a combination of counseling, behavior therapy, and FDA-approved medications. This combination of interventions helps address the physical, psychological, social, and emotional aspects of addiction that can be triggering. MAT is mainly used to help treat opioid addiction but can be effective… Continue Reading 3 Reasons to Try Medication Assisted Treatment

a woman participates in drug rehab centers

Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Effective?

Substance abuse and addiction are pervasive in the United States, impacting the lives of millions of people every day. Substance use disorders have a ripple effect that starts with the affected individual and spreads out to have ramifications in all areas of their life, including relationships with family and friends. If you or a loved… Continue Reading Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Effective?

a woman knows she needs a detox center

3 Signs You Need a Detox Center

The decision to seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction can be difficult and frightening. Detox, the process in which all traces of substances are removed from the body, is generally the first step toward recovery from addiction and should be followed with a comprehensive addiction treatment program. At Westwind Recovery®, we understand that finding… Continue Reading 3 Signs You Need a Detox Center

two women attend an inpatient drug rehab

Qualities of Top Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Drug or alcohol dependence is a common struggle. For most people who struggle with addiction, drug rehab is an essential part of their recovery and return to a healthy lifestyle in sobriety. Finding the right addiction treatment center can be difficult, making the hope of recovery seem out of reach. When choosing a drug addiction… Continue Reading Qualities of Top Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

a sample of prescription drug abuse

What You Should Know About Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is one of the most dangerous drug addictions today. Opioids, which are highly addictive, are often prescribed to treat chronic pain. The client may have had a painful surgery, they may be suffering from complications from an accident, or they may be suffering from the painful side effects of an illness, like… Continue Reading What You Should Know About Prescription Drug Abuse

a man struggles with his marijuana addiction

Getting High Might Feel Good But It Isn’t Pretty

Many people choose to get high for the same reasons that they drink alcohol. Using marijuana to get high might help you feel short-term relief from symptoms of mental health issues like anxiety or depression. You might have stress at work or home, and you smoke weed to cope. Or, on the weekends, you might… Continue Reading Getting High Might Feel Good But It Isn’t Pretty