Is it possible to stop drug abuse on your own? Or do you always need professional treatment? While some people might argue drug abuse is a choice that can be altered, in reality—and according to the medical community—it’s a disease. And for most people, it’s not one that’s easy to conquer without professional help. If you’ve been wondering how to stop drug abuse, either in yourself or someone you love, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find valuable tips on how to stop drug abuse, as well as what you can do when you know the situation requires professional help.

Accept That You Have a Problem

Before you can kick drug abuse to the curb, you need to accept that you have a serious problem. Admitting that you’re struggling doesn’t indicate weakness—it’s a sign of strength. And when you’re strong enough to accept the fact that you have a problem, only then can you begin taking the necessary steps to solve it.

Find the Motivation To Quit

If you’re struggling with drug abuse and seriously want to turn your life around, you must develop the motivation to help yourself succeed. Realize that living a healthy, prosperous life depends on your ability to stay sober, and if you have a family, they rely on your sobriety, too.

Though motivation can be difficult to come by when you’re living in the depths of drug abuse, it’s not impossible to build. If the people you normally associate with also use drugs, try taking a step back from your social circle. If your children would like you to attend a special event, realize that they’re only young once, and if you miss out now, those are precious moments you’ll never regain. Take stock of your life and ask yourself: “Am I living the life I want to live?”

Set Defined Goals

If you’re wondering how to stop drug abuse, one of the foundational components of your action plan is goal setting. You know what’s at stake if you continue your habit, so what do you plan to do to turn your life around?

When do you plan to start treatment, if necessary? When will you announce your intentions to your loved ones? If your first attempt doesn’t work, how long will you wait before you try another treatment? Should you wean yourself off drugs? Should you go cold turkey? These are all things you’ll need to consider, so start making a plan, and more importantly, write it down and commit to sticking with it.

Get Professional Help: How to Stop Drug Abuse With Therapy

Though it may be possible for certain individuals to overcome addictive behaviors on their own, for most people, professional rehabilitation is the key to avoiding relapse. Addiction is a disease, and in severe cases, it can fundamentally and negatively alter brain chemistry, which is why professional supervision and guidance is so critical. At Westwind Recovery®, we offer a wide variety of treatment programs, including:

Need Help for Drug Abuse? Reclaim Your Life at Westwind Recovery®

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug abuse, please, reach out to our compassionate team at Westwind Recovery® today. Getting the help you need to overcome substance abuse is the first step toward living a healthy, addiction-free life, and at Westwind, we’re here for you on your journey toward the life you deserve. We’re dedicated to providing a supportive, understanding, and fun environment where you’ll learn to let go of unhealthy behaviors and adopt the beneficial patterns you need to thrive.

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