After detox for drug and alcohol abuse, you may want to consider a structured living situation that supports your sobriety. At Westwind Recovery® in Los Angeles, we have a sober living home option with caring staff that provides guidance and oversight to help you avoid a relapse. When you leave rehab, it may take some time to re-establish yourself in the community. Consider a sober living home to help you make the transition successfully.

What Is a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes provide extra time for you to adjust to life outside rehab. You can use the skills that you learned in our addiction treatment programs to slowly adjust to life in the larger community. The residential manager sets the rules and helps you understand what to expect as part of the household. In many cases, house managers have also recovered from alcohol or drug addiction.

You can choose a sober living home from six locations available throughout the city. Many clients report that living with others in recovery provides support and helps motivate them to maintain their sobriety. Rules change from one house to the next. However, there are some rules that are typical of all of our properties.

Sober Living Home Rules

The rules in a sober living home are designed to create a drug-free and alcohol-free environment. Sometimes, the rules may feel a bit heavy. However, remember that the house manager wants you to succeed and that the rules are meant to combat the constant temptation of cravings and addiction.

Rules that residents agreed to comply with include the following:

  • Cooperation with random drug testing
  • No overnight guests
  • Zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol
  • Attendance at AA/NA meetings or counseling
  • Completion of chores as assigned
  • No inappropriate relationships with others living in the house

Abiding by the rules shows good faith and can help you develop discipline and establish a routine. As long as you continue to contribute to the house and make progress on your recovery, you can expect to receive more freedom as time passes.

Eventually, residents feel confident to live on their own. A successful stay at a sober living home optimally results in your independence and productive living free of drugs and alcohol.

Benefits of Sober Living

Committing to the rules of a sober living home is a great way to transition to living on your own. If you keep up with the routines that you learn by living with others, you can eventually move past the worst part of the cravings that can follow detox and recovery.

No matter how you come to the conclusion that sober living is the right decision for you, you get out of the experience what you put into it. Many addiction therapy counselors promote the idea of sober living homes prior to striking out on your own. It provides a safe environment free of the distractions of home. You can concentrate on getting a job and seeking healthy interests they keep your mind off alcohol. At the same time, you experience the companionship of other residents who may be going through similar experiences.

Contact Us Today for Sober Living Homes in LA

You can benefit from the services of our drug and alcohol detox center and graduate to our inpatient or outpatient drug rehab center. Use the tools that you learn on your journey to lead the life you were meant to live. If you need additional support, contact us at 855.340.8832 to find out how to take advantage of a Westwind Recovery® sober living home in Los Angeles. Taking this step today can lead to a better tomorrow.