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Successfully Transitioning From Sober Living Into Life Again

Nearing the end of your rehab program may make you feel excited as you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You will soon be done with all the program activities and structured living. But are you ready for all that freedom? Do you think that throwing yourself back into real [...]
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What It’s Like to Live in a Sober Living Home

Sober living is a recovery option for those who have completed primary treatment for a substance use issue. Sober living is not just a temporary home but a lifestyle. Residential life teaches those in recovery how to function in the regular world without having to turn to drugs or alcohol. The main goal of all [...]
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Ways to Distract Yourself When Faced with Cravings

If you're a recovering alcoholic - whether you're early in your recovery or have many years of sobriety under your belt - cravings are likely going to be a part of your experience. Cravings aren't easy. In fact, for some, it may be hard to identify a craving, especially for those who are new to [...]
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