While there’s no cure for addiction, there are treatments available to help you manage the disease successfully. Besides traditional therapy, there are alternative options that can aid your efforts at recovery. Spending time outside is one way you can learn to find physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Nature therapy can aid your recovery by keeping you healthy while protecting your efforts at staying sober.

The Importance of Getting Outside

Today’s world would have us convinced that technology is all we need to be happy. You may settle into the habit of staying inside while scrolling your phone or browsing on your laptop. However, too much time spent inside can lead to factors that can be detrimental to individuals in recovery, including:

  • Getting bored — You may tire of staying inside all the time and start seeing your prior life of addiction as a more exciting option.
  • Sitting around too much — If you spend most of your time sitting or lying in bed, that could lead to health problems. You could find yourself in danger of becoming obese or eating too many unhealthy foods.
  • Feelings of confinement — Sometimes people in recovery felt as though they’re being held prisoner because of staying inside too much.
  • Loneliness and unclear thinking — You may long for companionship and start romanticizing old relationships you cut off to protect your recovery. Staying inside a lot can cause you to have problems concentrating and focusing.

Understandably, you may want to stay inside to avoid the chance of running into triggers that could cause you to relapse. However, you can really benefit from stepping outside your door and indulging in the beauty of nature. Below are some ideas on how nature and recovery can go hand in hand.

What to Expect in Nature Therapy

Westwind Recovery® offers clients the opportunity to participate in a nature treatment program while receiving care at our facility. The program shows clients how nature and recovery can work together to help them build up their confidence in their ability to remain sober while they are in the real world. You may learn to feel hope about your future prospects.

Exercising Outside

You don’t need to be in a nature treatment program to feel the effects of nature and recovery working together. Think about incorporating a daily walk or run into your daily routine. Try to alter your route to discover different aspects of nature you may not have previously noticed. You can also look for gyms and other fitness providers who offer programs like yoga or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes performed outdoors.

Going Outside to Write

Some people find it helpful to write about their recovery. You can use that to combine various aspects of nature and recovery by going outside to write down your thoughts. The feel of the wind on your skin or the sounds of animals enjoying their natural habitat may improve your writing flow.

Finding Hobbies to Enjoy in Nature

Another way you can combine nature and recovery is by transitioning your favorite hobbies to an outdoor setting like photography or painting. If you don’t have any hobbies, nature can be great for inspiring your creativity. Use the time to learn a new skill that can keep addiction cravings at bay.

Starting a Garden

The act of putting things into the ground and encouraging them to grow can be therapeutic. It’s a good way of using nature and recovery together to continue your progress. You don’t need a big yard, just a space where you can enjoy the sight of watching your efforts literally blossom.

Get Help from Westwind Recovery®

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