Addictive behaviors are defined as compulsions that lead you to repeat actions over and over, regardless of how negatively they impact your life. There are many kinds of addictive behaviors caused by a variety of factors. You may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, addicted to food, or addicted to sex, gaming, or the internet. The positive reinforcement provided by these behaviors, regardless of how fleeting, are what compels you to stay trapped in the negative cycle, and they require treatment to help you break free.

At Westwind Recovery®, we offer highly effective addiction treatment programs in beautiful Los Angeles. In our rehab center, clients participate in evidence-based and holistic therapies as they work through the underlying causes of addiction and begin to heal. Learn more about our approach to treatment by connecting with our team today at 855.340.8832.

Common Addictive Behaviors

Addictive behaviors have common threads across all forms of dependency. Basically, they’re the reason why a person continues to engage in the behavior even though it produces negative outcomes. Common ones include:

  • Eating to make yourself feel better
  • Self-medicating to make yourself forget
  • Shopping to reward yourself
  • Gambling or thrill-seeking to get an adrenaline rush
  • Having sex to make yourself feel valued or attractive
  • Gaming to escape a sad or boring reality

The common thread between these behaviors is that they make you feel better in the moment. What makes these behaviors addictive is that, even though they lead to negative consequences, there’s no ability to stop them. Compulsive eating leads to weight gain and health issues. Compulsive shopping causes financial distress. Similarly, compulsive sex practices can lead to disease and illness.

For someone who is not addicted, these negative consequences would be enough motivation not to repeat the action. But when these behaviors are involved, stopping is not a possibility — not without intervention — regardless of how unmanageable life becomes as a result.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Because many forms of addiction are escapist, replacing them with a more interesting, positive reality can be therapeutic. Most people who experience addiction are unable to improve their quality of life without help. This is where a quality addiction treatment facility in Los Angeles can be life-changing.

A simple change of environment can help. So can you surrounding yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed. Structure in your day is important. Nutrition is important, and finding healthier ways to manage your day is vital, as well.

Different activities and addiction therapies that might help you heal include:

  • Behavioral therapy – Talking with an experienced therapist can help you see your experiences with addiction from a new perspective
  • Exercise and nutrition – Heal from the inside out by participating in nutrition and cooking classes, a yoga class, or a personal training session
  • Meditation – Slowing down and concentrating on your breath can help you tap into your emotions
  • Experiential therapies – Hiking, drawing, playing music, and even acting can be beneficial as you learn more about yourself and your triggers

If your disorder is dependent upon drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, gaming, or more, abstinence is important. You’ll experience a period of detox, and you may experience withdrawal symptoms as well. But a quality treatment facility, such as Westwind Recovery, will help see you through the hard parts so you can focus on recovery.

The negative behaviors that are keeping you trapped in addiction are fully treatable when you seek professional help. Make the decision to reach out today and pursue a liberating life free from addiction and the chaos it creates.

Westwind Recovery Can Help

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, whether substance use disorder or other forms, Westwind Recovery in Los Angeles can help. At Westwind, we understand that addiction often comes hand-in-hand with mental health disorders. It’s our integrated approach to treating all aspects of our client’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health that sets us apart from other treatment centers for drug and alcohol abuse in Los Angeles.

Treatment at Westwind is comprehensive, it’s therapeutic, and it’s exciting. When you choose Westwind Recovery as your choice of treatment center, you’ll spend your days learning how to enjoy a well-rounded, balanced life that includes such activities as:

  • Camping
  • Ziplining
  • Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Boating

You’ll talk with experienced therapists who will help you understand more about your disorder, and you’ll learn to explore and appreciate a world that’s so much bigger than your addiction. If weekend outings to the beach or the local waterfall sound like the type of therapy from which you might benefit, give Westwind Recovery a call today at 855.340.8832. We’re waiting to help you improve your future.