If you are struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, it can feel isolating. You might not know others who face the same challenges, especially since many individuals prefer to keep their struggles private. This can add to the stigma around mental health issues.

However, a number of celebrities have opened up about their mental health struggles. By being honest about how they cope with mental health disorders, these celebrities are working to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encourage others to find treatment for their own struggles.

Learn more about how several celebrities are managing their mental health issues and reach out to a treatment center near you today.


The Grammy-winning singer has opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression after the birth of her son. She has said that for months after his birth, she dealt with feelings of inadequacy and worries about her son’s safety. To cope with these feelings, Adele spent time talking with other women who faced similar issues. Group therapy is a helpful tool for many who deal with mental health issues.

Dakota Johnson

The “50 Shades of Gray” star has struggled with anxiety and depression since her teens. She’s said that although it can be difficult to stay positive, she has a few strategies for managing her mental health disorders. These include spending time in therapy, meditating, and exercising regularly.

Demi Lovato

The singer and actress has battled bipolar disorder, addiction, and bulimia. She’s even produced a documentary about mental health in order to help others get the help they need. Lovato has spent time in treatment centers and continues to attend therapy sessions as part of her ongoing journey.

Dwayne Johnson

Also known as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson has shared that he struggles with depression. He credits therapy and having others to turn to during periods of depression with helping him through these difficult times.

Lady Gaga

The pop star and actress recently starred in the most recent adaptation of A Star Is Born, in which mental health issues drive the story. Lady Gaga herself has opened up about battling depression and anxiety and believes it’s important to be honest with those around you about your struggles.

Michael Phelps

The record-breaking Olympian lives with attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder. He’s found relief from symptoms by exercising and has been open about his struggles in order to inspire other athletes.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Oscar-winning star suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can manifest itself in compulsive hand washing, walking through doorways multiple times, and having obsessive thoughts.

Chris Evans

Although Captain America may have superhuman strength, Chris Evans struggles with anxiety and depression. Social situations, like red carpet premieres, can make anxiety more intense. However, he combats these feelings through therapy and meditation.

Kendrick Lamar

The Grammy Award-winning artist has been vocal in his music about dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. By opening up about his struggles, he’s paved the way for other artists to speak out about how important it is to find help.

Emma Stone

The Oscar-winning actress attends therapy regularly for anxiety. She’s opened up about having panic attacks as a child but notes that acting and improv have been helpful in overcoming these struggles.

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