woman participating in medical detox los angeles

Best Options for Medical Detox in Los Angeles

Recognizing the need for drug or alcohol detox is the first step on the path to lifelong recovery. Because there are so many treatment center options, finding the rehab center best suited for you or your loved one can feel overwhelming. It is essential to do the proper research before making a final decision. Substance… Continue Reading Best Options for Medical Detox in Los Angeles

Starting treatment in an outpatient alcohol rehab los angeles

Top 5 Methods of Quitting Drinking Forever

For most Americans, drinking is an acceptable, almost expected, social activity. Alcohol is used to both celebrate and commiserate. While many people can drink without consequence, millions of others struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD). Overcoming AUD can be a long, hard road and can, at times, feel impossible. But it is not. If you… Continue Reading Top 5 Methods of Quitting Drinking Forever

Man going to an alcohol rehab center

Does Alcohol Alter Your Brain Forever?

Alcohol use is embedded in American culture. Legal and easily accessible, alcohol use is widely promoted everywhere you look. Plenty of people can drink alcohol without developing a problem. However, it is estimated that 15 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder. The terms abuse and addiction are often used interchangeably, but they are different.… Continue Reading Does Alcohol Alter Your Brain Forever?

a woman begins self-medicating with drugs and alcohol as she considers the dangers of self-medicating

Dangers of Self-Medicating with Drugs and Alcohol

Research on substance use disorders and mental health disorders depicts strong evidence for consistent links between the two. Approximately half of Americans who have substance use disorders also have mental health disorders and vice-versa. While it cannot be said that one causes the other, the two are complexly intertwined. When these disorders coincide, it is… Continue Reading Dangers of Self-Medicating with Drugs and Alcohol

group of people having a sober holiday season

11 Tips in Facing This Sober Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and while they can be exciting and fun, they can also cause chaos and panic. This is especially true for those who are newly sober or those in recovery. After all, you will find that your social calendar is filling up with dinner, parties, and so much more. When you… Continue Reading 11 Tips in Facing This Sober Holiday Season

A woman overcomes LGBTQ trauma and addiction at an LGBTQ mental health treatment center

LGBTQ Trauma and Addiction

Compared to the general population, the rates of mental health disorders and substance use disorders are significantly higher among the LGBTQ community. Members of the LGBTQ community are at increased risk of experiencing trauma centered around shame, discrimination, abuse, acts of violence, and hate crimes. At Westwind Recovery®, all of our treatment programs and sober… Continue Reading LGBTQ Trauma and Addiction

a woman thinks about wilderness therapy for addiction as she takes part in wilderness therapy programs

Wilderness Therapy for Addiction

Wilderness therapy, also called adventure therapy, combines nature and survival experiences with rehabilitation therapy to treat mental health disorders and substance use disorders. The activities in wilderness therapy are designed to foster the recovery process by creating positive learning experiences in nature. Experiential therapies are those that use expressive tools and activities to help clients… Continue Reading Wilderness Therapy for Addiction

a woman experiences the long-term effects of painkillers on the body and considers the signs of painkiller abuse

Long-Term Effects of Painkillers on the Body

The way pain is experienced is through how the body communicates with the brain. When pain is present, the central nervous system sends signals to opioid receptors in the brain, alerting the brain to discomfort. When an individual takes painkillers, two things happen: the central nervous system is depressed, making it harder for pain signals… Continue Reading Long-Term Effects of Painkillers on the Body

a woman suffers from the symptoms of prescription drug addiction and wonders about the signs of prescription drug abuse

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

Most people acquire prescription drugs legally from their doctor for legitimate reasons, take them as prescribed, and stop taking them when the prescription is out. Too frequently, however, people come to enjoy the psychoactive effects of certain drugs and begin to misuse them. The misuse of prescription drugs involves taking them in any way other… Continue Reading Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

a man suffers from physical signs of meth withdrawal and wonders about meth withdrawal symptoms

Physical Signs of Meth Withdrawal

With so much (highly justifiable) attention to the opioid crisis in the United States, a methamphetamine crisis has been steadily gaining steam across the nation. Meth is a powerful made-made stimulant that impacts the central nervous system and creates intense feelings of euphoria. Because of its potency, meth use can rapidly result in dependency and… Continue Reading Physical Signs of Meth Withdrawal