Acknowledging the need for addiction treatment means that you are ready to begin the journey to lasting recovery from substance abuse or addiction. A substance use disorder is a disease that requires proper treatment from qualified professionals. For addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles that offer a full spectrum of the most advanced evidence-based, holistic approaches, turn to Westwind Recovery®.

At Westwind Recovery®, we understand that drug and alcohol use can create changes to your brain chemistry that encourage substance abuse, causing you to become trapped in the cycle of addiction. We know, too, that long-term recovery is possible with the proper treatment and support. To learn more about the benefits of Los Angeles addiction treatment at Westwind Recovery®, call us today at 855.340.8832.

What Makes Westwind Recovery® Different from the Rest?

California boasts one of the highest concentrations of addiction treatment centers in the country, with many being located throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Tens of thousands of people receive drug and alcohol addiction treatment in LA annually. The city’s proximity to the Mexican border makes it ideal for drug traffickers from Central and South America to distribute their products. The easy access to illicit substances dramatically contributes to the high rates of addiction in Los Angeles.

Not all addiction treatment programs are alike. Many serve only specific populations, specialize in particular addictions, or offer particular services. At Westwind Recovery®, we provide a full continuum of care with programs to fit a wide range of needs, including:

What makes Westwind Recovery® stand out in the field of addiction recovery in Los Angeles is our commitment to remaining on the cutting-edge of advancements in addiction treatment. Westwind Recovery® is a Dr. Phil Preferred facility, and we routinely receive press for our innovative treatment programs. We pride ourselves on being a sober community dedicated to helping each of our clients overcome substance abuse, mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis to lead an enriching, happy, and healthy life of recovery.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs in LA

The process of recovery involves much more than abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Addiction is a disease of the body, mind, and spirit, so comprehensive addiction treatment should address your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. Further, treatment should be dynamic to adapt to your changing needs as you progress and grow. Following is a sampling of some of the evidence-based, holistic treatment modalities offered at Westwind Recovery®:

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Creative arts groups
  • Virtual reality meditation sessions
  • Spiritual care

Recovery from addiction, mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis is not easy. Those who succeed do so because of their dedication and commitment to treatment. The treatment team at Westwind Recovery® is committed to helping you stay engaged in the work of recovery, but we also believe that there should be joy in the process.

Adventure Therapy Program

Traditional talk therapy is an essential and effective part of addiction treatment programs, but often people need more. Alternative therapies like the adventure therapy program offered at Westwind Recovery® provide opportunities for clients to challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. Our adventure therapy program focuses on whole-body health while enabling you to improve your self-esteem, communication skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, trust, and more.

Adventure therapy outings are led by professionals and designed to help you develop insight into your ability to overcome the obstacles you will face in life. More than just fun, adventure therapy is a clinically proven treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Contact Westwind Recovery® for Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

The most effective addiction treatment programs offer more than just traditional rehab services. At Westwind Recovery®, we offer an array of adaptable programs and services to suit every client’s individual needs who come through our doors. To learn more about getting addiction treatment in Los Angeles, contact us today at 855.340.8832.