A federal holiday since 1941, Independence Day, or The Fourth of July, is widely regarded as the most popularly celebrated holiday in our nation. This year, with July Fourth publicized as the time it is safe to gather in large groups again following COVID-19, the celebrations are sure to be even bigger than ever. Commemorating America’s independence traditionally includes fireworks, concerts, parades, barbecues, and plenty of alcohol. For many in recovery, this is a very stressful time, and indeed, it is one of the most common times for relapse. Especially for those new to recovery, sober living programs can provide a supportive environment to ensure that you maintain your sobriety this Independence Day and beyond.

At Westwind Recovery®, our addiction specialists understand the struggles you may face as we enter the summer months with parties and celebrations. Reach out today to learn some helpful tips for having a sober Independence Day Celebration by calling 855.340.8832.

Facts About Alcohol and The Fourth of July

By all accounts, the Fourth of July is one of the biggest days of the year for alcohol consumption, even more than New Year’s Eve. According to multiple consumer spending reports, Americans spend over one billion dollars on beer alone and nearly $600 million more on wine for Independence Day celebrations. It is no surprise then that the Fourth of July is considered one of the deadliest holidays of the year, mainly due to alcohol-related car accidents. Injuries from fireworks, largely alcohol-related, also contribute significantly to emergency room visits across the nation. The rates of binge drinking, underage drinking, and illicit drug use are also statistically higher during the July Fourth holiday.

Tips For Enjoying a Sober Independence Day

Holidays, in general, are a challenging time for those who are trying to live a life of sobriety. For many, time spent with family and friends during the holidays brings an added stress level that can trigger old behavior patterns. This seems especially true during summer when the days are longer, people have more free time, and have switched into vacation mode. With some forethought and planning, there are many ways to celebrate July Fourth without succumbing to the use of drugs and alcohol.

Consider these tips:

  • Start your day with a 12-step meeting
  • Plan an activity that involves physical exercise
  • Center yourself with yoga or meditation
  • Utilize your support system; don’t isolate yourself
  • Plan a sober celebration with friends and family who support you
  • Have a backup plan

If you attend a Fourth of July celebration where you know substances will be present, do not go alone. Bring along a sober friend and your own beverages. Make sure you are not reliant upon anyone else for transportation. Above all, consider this holiday a time to celebrate your independence from drug and alcohol use.

Finding Support During the Summer Holidays

Recovery from substance abuse and addiction is a lifelong process. Along the way, you will meet obstacles. Substance use disorders are incredibly complex, even more so if you suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. At Westwind Recovery®, helping people maintain their recovery during difficult times is one of our many goals. More than just a treatment center, we are a community of people dedicated to fighting substance abuse, mental health disorders, and dual diagnoses.

No matter what stage you are at in recovery, holidays like the Fourth of July can present challenges. Remember that choosing to live a life of sobriety does not mean forgoing a life of fun. It means that you will be able to remember all of the fun times to come. By connecting with friends in your sober community, you can create new, healthy traditions to be cherished for years to come.

Westwind Recovery® Offers Sober Holiday Activities

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