Substance abuse can impact people at every stage of life. There is a wide range of treatment options that might be effective in helping you curb cravings and break free from addiction. At Westwind Recovery®, we develop customized treatment plans that are tailored to meet every client’s unique needs. One of the tools that we may use is a MAT program. This stands for medication-assisted treatment. In a MAT program, we use FDA-approved medications to help our clients during the challenging early days of recovery and beyond. We do everything we can to provide comfortable medication-assisted treatment to everyone who goes through treatment in our center. Take a look at some of the helpful information below and learn more about how we can make your journey with us as comfortable as possible.

We Clearly Explain the Benefits of an MAT Program

One of the ways that we keep our clients comfortable during treatment is by clearly outlining what they can expect during this program. Some of the types of treatments that we use in our MAT program include:

  • Acute medications that are used to stop the risk of overdose
  • Maintenance medications, which are ones that you may take to prevent a relapse
  • Dual diagnosis medications, which may assist both substance abuse and mental health treatment
  • Medications that are designed to target specific neurotransmitters in your brain
  • Pain medications that might be used to target specific side effects

Every medication that we use has a clear purpose. We will explain each medication’s purpose before prescribing anything to you. This is one of the major benefits of private addiction treatment–you have access to one-on-one care and can discuss any concerns with your therapists and doctors right away.

Close Monitoring from Trained Mental Health Professionals

At Westwind Recovery®, all of our substance abuse treatment programs are closely monitored. If you are going through a comfortable medication-assisted treatment program, you are going to be watched closely. We want to make sure that if there are any adverse events, we can handle them immediately.

That is why we have worked hard to keep our client-to-staff ratio as low as possible. We understand that you are going to have a lot of concerns as you are going through this treatment program. By keeping our ratio low, we provide you with the attention you deserve. That way, our monitoring team is able to keep you as comfortable as possible.

The Amenities Matter at Westwind Recovery®

Finally, we also offer a wide range of luxury rehab and recovery services that will accompany our comfortable medication-assisted treatment program. Our MAT program allows you to focus on your recovery completely. We do not want you to have to worry about anything else when you are with us. That is why we have worked hard to expand the array of amenities that we provide. This is an important part of making you comfortable. We know that when you are comfortable with your treatment program, you are more likely to achieve a successful recovery. Count on our private addiction treatment programs to help you.

Contact Westwind Recovery® for More About Our Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

At Westwind Recovery®, we want to provide you with access to all of the resources that you need to make a successful recovery. This includes private addiction treatment. We will spare no resource when it comes to helping you develop a plan that will place you on the road to recovery. If you would like to learn more about our unique addiction treatment therapy programs, then please contact us today at 855.340.8832 to begin the admissions process. We can assist you with insurance verification, designing a treatment plan, and more. Start your journey to recovery at Westwind today.