lgbtq addiction treatment is available in los angeles

Where to Find LGBTQ-Focused Treatment in LA

Of the nearly four million people in Los Angeles and the greater LA metropolitan area, almost five percent identify as LGBTQ. Compared to the general population, the rates of substance use disorders and mental health disorders among the LGBTQ community are significantly higher. Open discrimination has resulted in many people choosing to avoid seeking the… Continue Reading Where to Find LGBTQ-Focused Treatment in LA

a woman knows she needs a detox center

3 Signs You Need a Detox Center

The decision to seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction can be difficult and frightening. Detox, a process that removes all traces of substances from the body, is generally the first step toward recovery from addiction and should be followed with a comprehensive addiction treatment program. At Westwind Recovery®, we understand that finding the right… Continue Reading 3 Signs You Need a Detox Center

a woman evaluates her addiction and mental health

Addiction and Mental Health: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Professionals have known for years that there is a strong connection between addiction and mental health, as it is common for them to occur together (often referred to as comorbidity). For those struggling with addiction, mental health issues, or both, it can be helpful to know why this connection exists. Mental health treatment programs are… Continue Reading Addiction and Mental Health: Two Sides of the Same Coin

a person practices art therapy for addiction

What Is Art Therapy?

Throughout history, art has been used in communication, conflict resolution, self-expression, and healing. “Art therapy” was coined as a term in the 1940s, when pioneers in the field of psychology discovered the benefits of using art in therapy with children and families. Since then, art therapy has been successfully used throughout a wide array of… Continue Reading What Is Art Therapy?

a person undergoes an alternative addiction therapy method

5 Alternative Therapy Strategies for Addiction

Addiction is a complex condition. It affects the whole person and often infiltrates every area of their life. Substance use issues can interfere with the ability to live, work, and play. Left untreated, it claims thousands of lives, breaks up families, and steals joy away from people who would otherwise be giving so much back… Continue Reading 5 Alternative Therapy Strategies for Addiction

a woman sits down to confront her addiction diagnosis

How to Confront Your Addiction Diagnosis

When dealing with an addiction, the struggling individual might be the last person to admit that they have a problem. Often, their family and friends will express concern first and might even stage an intervention. While family members or friends may not be physicians or licensed mental health professionals, the concerned party will usually cite… Continue Reading How to Confront Your Addiction Diagnosis

someone registers for outpatient addiction treatment programs

What Is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Millions of people suffer from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. While abuse and addiction may look the same, they are different and usually call for different treatment approaches. Substance abuse and addiction treatment generally fall into two categories: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient rehab involves intensive, 24-hour supervised treatment in a residential setting. Outpatient rehab… Continue Reading What Is Outpatient Drug Rehab?