For those who struggle with anxiety and pervasive thoughts about past trauma, finding a healthy way to cope with these feelings can be a challenge. Some individuals turn to drugs and alcohol to numb negative feelings, which can lead to co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. At our Westwind Recovery® treatment center, you’ll find a wide range of therapies and treatment methods to help you build healthy coping skills and strategies. One of these therapies is breathwork. This safe, effective treatment for anxiety and trauma can reduce stress, boost self-awareness, and increase overall confidence.

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a type of therapy that involves breathing exercises. Typically, breathwork is done under the guidance of a certified therapist and can be done individually or in a group setting. During these breathing exercises, participants change their breathing patterns in an intentional way, working to improve their self-awareness and well-being during the process. Breathwork can be both energizing and relaxing.

Some of the most common types of breathwork include:

  • Shamanic breathwork
  • Vivation
  • Transformational breath
  • Holotropic breathwork
  • Clarity breathwork
  • Rebirthing

This active mediation technique is often used to treat anxiety and trauma. The body can hold on to trauma for a long time, even if the individual has worked hard to forget it. Addiction treatment therapy program techniques that incorporate the body, such as breathwork, can help participants work through negative feelings.

Breathwork for Anxiety Treatment

During breathwork, participants connect with their emotions. They breathe through tension in the body and feel strong emotions all while in a safe place under the guidance of a therapist. While anxiety can be uncomfortable to sit with, during breathwork, participants are encouraged to feel and release emotions like fear, stress, and sadness. This can help them become less burdened by anxiety or panic attacks and provides a healthy outlet for anxiety in the future.

Breathwork is just one part of a comprehensive treatment program for anxiety at a mental health treatment program that might also include individual or group therapy and medication. For those who struggle with addiction alongside anxiety issues, these breathing exercises can help stop the cycle of using drugs or alcohol to cope with anxious thoughts.

Breathwork for Trauma Treatment

Past traumatic experiences can include physical violence or emotional pain. Many individuals who have experienced trauma in the past struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. This can lead to panic attacks and flashbacks. Trauma can be stored in the body even when the mind tries to forget. Breathwork can help an individual remember and release these past experiences. During breathing exercises, participants can relax and relieve tension.

There are many different kinds of breathwork. Some individuals will try more than one before discovering a breathing exercise that works for them. Talking with an experienced therapist can help you determine which type of breathwork could help you with anxiety or trauma.

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