When you make an incredible transformation in your life – like rid yourself of your addiction – all aspects of your life change. After all, continuing to frequent the places you once visited with the friends you once associated with can leave you with triggers that light up brighter than a flashing neon bar sign.

Sure, you are not the same person. And, yes, you’ve learned coping skills. You are likely feeling stronger than you have in a long time. But deep down you know that you should not put yourself back in a risky position. And that includes falling back into old routines.

Are you at a loss for what to do with your spare time? Do you want to have fun with people who share your views on sobriety? Being sober does not have to be boring. In fact, the more fulfilled and happy you make your new, sober life, the better chance you have at a successful recovery.

To help you get your feet wet, here are some fun and sober activities you will find in Southern California.

Indoor Activities

There are many things that you could do indoors that don’t require you to take any risks. If you aren’t really feeling the outdoors, consider one of the following:

  • Visit Koreatown in L.A. and stop into one of the spas. These places are often open 24-hours and offer a nice escape, especially since they have so many things to do once there. Besides, a spa can come in handy if you are feeling stressed.
  • Check out Sky Zone. Let yourself feel free while jumping on trampolines. It is an airy experience and a bit uplifting. Yes, pun intended.
  • Find a movie theater close to you and check out the latest box office hits.
  • If live shows are more your thing, there sure isn’t any shortage of them here. Just be sure that they are taking place in a theatre and not in a bar.
  • Volunteering can be fun, too. And it can make you feel really good. Helping others and giving back is a great addition to your new life of sobriety.

Other sober activities you may want to consider are bowling, skating, arcades, etc. While alcohol may be served at some of these establishments, it isn’t always the case. Also, carefully choosing when you partake in these activities can limit the amount of alcohol that is around. For instance, bowling on a Saturday afternoon is likely to have more of a sober, fun, family vibe than if you were to bowl late in a Saturday night.

Outdoor Activities

Southern California has some beautiful scenery so outdoor activities are widespread and common. Breathe in the air and soak up the sun!

  • Go to one of the many amusement parks. In Southern California, you can choose from Universal Studios, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World, or Knotts’s Berry Farm. This can lead to a great day or evening of thrill-seeking and adventure. Go with friends or family and enjoy it!
  • Join an adult league sports team, such as basketball, baseball/softball, or soccer. Get your blood flowing through a little friendly competition.
  • Hike a nature trail. Southern California and the surrounding areas bring you plenty of places to sneak away for a hike. Some of the most exciting hikes in the area are the Devil’s Punchbowl, Mount Baldy, Sturtevant Falls, and the Bridge to Nowhere.
  • If sports aren’t really your thing, but you love the outdoors, why not spend some free time at the beach? After all – it is California. Learn to surf, go scuba diving or snorkeling, or just relax on the sand with a picnic.

Organized Group Activities

Organized group activities are great for those seeking a fun – and sober – time. Local groups and those from meetup.com put together a variety of events that are designed to bring like-minded, sober individuals together to partake in some social excitement.

Do some research in your area and you will find what is happening. Many groups meet at least once per month. This is a great opportunity to meet others who are living a sober life and who are like-minded individuals. Not only may they become friends, but you may find yourself surrounded by a boatload of support.

What else can you ask for in an activity?

Solo Activities

Every now and then, it feels good to be alone. You could spend your time doing a little soul-searching meditation or yoga. Or you could enjoy something else, such as –

  • Going for a bike ride. There are some great riding trails located in Southern California. Try the Pacific Beach Boardwalk, The Strand, Rincon Bike Trail, Malibu Creek State Park, and the Huntington Beach Bike Trail.
  • Learn something. Take a class in photography or art. Learn a new language. Take some music lessons. Learn to cook. There are many options in Southern California for you to learn something new.

You don’t always have to be with a group to have fun and be sober. If you want to take a break and do your own thing, you know you can.

Sober Fun Can Be Had Anywhere

Sober people live everywhere. You don’t have to search for already put together groups, functions, and activities to have fun. Instead, create your own.

If you have friends that are sober and are looking to have some fun, then why not host your own event?

  • Host a dinner at your place.
  • Organize an outing, such as a movie, amusement park, or beach day.
  • Get a group together to give back to the community in some way.
  • Have a game night.

Being sober does not mean leading a boring life. In fact, you are just beginning to live your best life. So, take advantage of Southern California’s beautiful climate, make some new sober friends, get out there and have fun.

Remember, the more occupied you keep yourself, the less time you have to let your mind remain idle. Go for it!