It is impossible to hold your professional position and maintain your addiction successfully for very long. Sure, at first, you may think that you are beating the system. You may function through your daily tasks, making strides in business, believing that no one ever suspects you have a problem. You may even think that your drug use is normal and that your colleagues are probably partaking in the same recreational activities, too.

But, that way of thinking leaves you balancing on a very slippery slope. Soon enough, there will come a time when you will realize that drugs or alcohol has consumed your entire life – including your professional career.

Your Status Means Nothing When It Comes to Addiction

If you hold a high-level position in your professional life, you are not immune to addiction. In fact, you may easily find yourself in a riskier spot. The upper-level executives often find themselves among the social elite. Parties, events, benefit engagements, and the like can bring a sort of celebratory atmosphere quite frequently. And, with the setting, it is not uncommon to find recreational drugs and large amounts of alcohol.

Choosing to partake in these events and recreationally use the drugs and alcohol can easily take you from novice to addict in no time. You may tell yourself that it is a “social” thing or that “every other top exec is doing it,” but it is a matter of time until it grips your life.

Your professional status means that you:

  • Have easier access to drugs and other substances.
  • Are financially more capable of supporting your habit.
  • May find yourself faced with the temptation regularly.

Don’t disregard your position in the company or the success you have had in your career as an immunity to addiction.

Addiction Is Boundless

Addiction doesn’t just affect you. There is no guardrail around your body so that what you choose to do won’t affect anything else.

Addiction is boundless. It can grab hold of your life and destroy it – and everything around it. This includes your loved ones, your family, your friends, your home, your finances, your security, and your career.

It doesn’t matter your race, your ethnicity, your education level, your religion, your background, or your socioeconomic status. Addiction is capable of destroying everything and everyone.

When “After Work” Begins to Start “During Work”

You tell yourself you only drink after hours. Or, that you only take a few of those prescription pills after work. And, this may very well be the case for a while.

That is when the tricky head of addiction peeps through. Because before you know it, you may find yourself thinking that those drinks from last night sure do have you shaky this morning – so you should have a drink before work just to feel better. After all, “Hair of the dog,” right?

And that is how your drug or alcohol use begins to find its way from “after work” to “during work.” You do it once, twice, and then you may find its more common for you to be under the influence at work than to not be.

Addiction is tricky and manipulative. It can make you think you need it and that you won’t make it through the day without it. It will also have you thinking that its okay – and that no one will notice.

Addiction Leads to Career Loss

The effects that addiction has on your life are tremendous. And, there is a high probability that if you hold a high-level career and you don’t seek help, you will lose your career.

Here are a few examples of what happens when you try to maintain your addiction and your career:

  • You will find that you are missing more days than normal.
  • Being on time for work and other work-obligations will become a thing of the past.
  • Your productivity will drop.
  • You will begin sneaking your addiction, which causes you to hide and lie to co-workers.
  • Sudden negative attitude toward your company and colleagues.
  • Missing or avoiding deadlines.

In other words, being successful in your position is impossible for an addict. Not only will there be a decrease in your overall performance, but those around you at work will notice the changes and begin to suspect you have an addiction problem.

View Getting Help as a Show of Strength

Seeking help or accepting help when it is offered may be viewed as a sign of weakness for many. This is especially true of those in high-status positions who try to maintain a particular level of stature and strength. However, it is important that you view getting help as a sign of strength.

Colleagues and those in your network will see your actions and your empowered growth, adding to your career as strength, determination, and courage.

What Can Sobriety at Work Offer You?

Sobriety is needed in the workplace. In fact, being sober at work as many advantages.

  • You will have greater stamina than you did with your addiction.
  • Your mind will be clear and able to make fully-processed decisions.
  • You will be efficient and effective in your position.
  • You will have a great ability to multi-task.
  • You have the strength to say “no” to after work parties and other social functions you should avoid.
  • You will find that you have greater communication skills and interpersonal relationships with co-workers.
  • You will have a better grip on time, increasing your ability to arrive at work and at meetings on time, as well as managing your time throughout your day.
  • You will have a higher chance of meeting deadlines.

All of these traits – and more – at work means that you have the ability to be promoted and advance through the company. That is something you won’t find when battling an addiction.

If you know that you have a problem and need help for your addiction, then now is time to do it – before it gets worse. Don’t let your addiction cause you to lose your job – or worse – your life.