Getting sober can change your life. If you are struggling with substance abuse, sobriety can feel challenging. Maybe you’ve gotten sober before and have relapsed, or you’re worried about experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The best way to experience growth and sobriety is by going through a treatment program at a recovery center. You’ll have support and accountability for your recovery journey, will be able to participate in different therapies, and can find the strength you need to change your life.

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Rebirth in Recovery

Many individuals who struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol believe that once they get sober, they will never have to worry about substance abuse again. However, the underlying causes of addiction need to be addressed during treatment as well.

After getting sober, those in recovery should work through the reasons why they began abusing drugs or alcohol. Some of the things that might be addressed in addiction treatment therapy programs include:

  • Past trauma
  • Family issues
  • Mental health conditions

Rebirth involves more than just sobriety. True growth in recovery requires individuals to commit to personal reflection and self-care.

Growth and Sobriety Steps

There are several steps you can expect in your recovery journey.

  • Acknowledging that you need help – This might take place during an intervention or could be a realization you come to on your own
  • Detox – During the detox process, you’ll purge drugs and alcohol from your system and begin to heal
  • Treatment – Look for a treatment center that offers personalized plans and a variety of therapies
  • Aftercare – Ongoing care can help you avoid relapse and develop healthy coping skills for life

Addiction recovery is a journey. Your personal growth involves getting to know yourself better and identifying your triggers. You’ll work through past trauma and discover how your experiences might have contributed to substance abuse.

Finally, it’s important to know that lifelong recovery and sobriety takes lifelong work. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing care. This doesn’t mean that relapse is inevitable, but that you should work to implement healthy coping skills and relapse prevention plans into your everyday life. Some copings skills that could help you maintain your sobriety and personal growth journey include ongoing therapy, 12-step meetings, meditation, yoga, and giving back by mentoring someone else in recovery.

Aftercare programs benefit those in recovery by offering ongoing support and accountability. Many individuals live in recovery residences, also known as sober living homes, while in outpatient treatment or as they transition back to everyday life. These residences can help them maintain sobriety and continue their personal growth.

Westwind Recovery®: Growth and Sobriety in Los Angeles

If you’re ready to take back your life, reach out to Westwind Recovery® today. At our luxury treatment center in Los Angeles, you’ll find a safe, supportive environment where you can experience growth and sobriety.

We offer a number of treatment programs that will help you achieve long-term sobriety and freedom from drug and alcohol abuse. These programs include:

In addition, our clients have the opportunity to participate in both holistic and evidence-based therapies. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, virtual reality meditation therapy, art therapy, and more, you’ll work through the underlying causes of addiction. And for clients with co-occurring mental health conditions, we offer a dual diagnosis program.

Reach out to our team today at 855.340.8832 or contact us online to discover how Westwind Recovery® can help you with growth and sobriety.