Sober living is a transitional living environment where individuals in recovery may choose to live during treatment and beyond. These residences provide structure and support for those who are working to rebuild their lives.

Due to the complex nature of addiction, relapse is very common. Cultural, societal, and biological factors all contribute to the development and redevelopment of an addiction. However, sober living residences can help stop the reoccurrence of addiction once primary treatment is completed. Addictions are born in turbulent environments, absent from healthy relationships and healthy boundaries. When people choose to skip a transitional living environment, they return to that independent life without guidance or support. Sober living helps those in recovery ease back into regular life.

Types of Sober Living Residences

There are various types of homes to meet any particular set of requests or needs. Residences may be large compounds, luxurious establishments, self-supporting homes, condominiums, or apartment complexes in the middle of bustling cities. More focused recovery may also require a gender-specific home. They are often chosen based on individual needs or professional recommendations. Regardless of type, sober living homes offer a peaceful and safe living environment where the number one focus is on recovery.

Luxury and Sober Living

There are benefits in choosing more luxurious sober living residences. While all homes have strict rules requiring mandatory sobriety, client policy, and curfew, the main differences may be in the location and home features.

Amenities at luxurious sober living homes may help sobriety in the long run. These offerings might include:

  • The latest gym equipment
  • Acupuncture
  • Private yoga and meditation classes
  • Massage therapy
  • A pool or Jacuzzi
  • Freshly stocked food
  • Skilled nutritionists and chefs

They may make recovery and living easier, especially after weathering addiction and completing treatment and detox.

When working through the traumatic lasting effects of addiction, learning about root causes, or working through family issues, the process can be easier if the person resides in a comfortable home (even if it’s temporary), because it is free from stressors of any kind.

Private chefs and on-site nutrition counseling may be a huge benefit that can only be found in luxurious sober living homes. A poor diet can negatively affect maintaining sobriety. Learning healthy eating habits, how to cook nutritious meals, and eating the freshest food can only help recovery. Food is a form of nourishment, which, if chosen carefully, can improve stress levels, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, repair damage, and improve mood. And when undergoing recovery from an addiction, you need all the help you can get.

Additionally, offerings like fitness training, yoga, mindfulness training, meditation, and acupuncture are all holistic methods of healing, which alongside therapy and meetings, can contribute positively to sobriety. If individuals feel drawn to a specific wellness activity, it can become an excellent tool in building a new life, complete with routines and new hobbies and interests.

Luxury Sober Living and Location

Sober living residences exist all over the country to meet an expansive demand. However, sober living in luxury can offer some of the most peaceful and serene settings, which cannot be found anywhere. There are numerous benefits to living in ultra-calm and balanced surroundings.

Exterior environments can impact what is going on within. For example, addictions’ roots can be traced to turbulent environments or trauma. Those environments and the need to escape those surroundings often worsen substance abuse. So in recovery, stability and peace are crucial. Sober living should be a place where individuals can relax and be fully present. This is needed for success.

For some, they might need to return to familiar surroundings. If they love the noise and energy of a big city, then a sober living home in a city apartment complex might be the right fit. Feeling at home in an environment might help make the recovery process easier.

For others, they may have been living in environments where it was filled with constant chaos or negativity. A peaceful, serene location with plenty of opportunities to reconnect with the calm outdoors would be an ideal match.

Sober Living at Westwind Recovery®

The thing that all sober living homes have in common, regardless of location, swimming pools, private yoga classes, or in-house chefs, is that people are there to make sure that residents stay clean and sober. It is the main purpose and sole function of the home. Sober living homes have strategic plans, which may include luxurious amenities, to make sure that they eliminate stress and promote abstinence and sobriety in every aspect of daily life.

Westwind Recovery® offers several sober living homes throughout Los Angeles. If you’re ready to face the effects of addiction, heal residual pain and issues, find an outlet for stress, and also rebuild your life in recovery, don’t wait. Reach out to us today at 855.340.8832.