If unhealthy relationships or attachments have caused damage in your life, our sex and love addiction treatment programs could help. Our clinical staff, including our Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Jessica Steinman, can help you on your journey to lasting recovery.

What Is Love Addiction?

Love addiction, for many, has to do with seeking out the dopamine and oxytocin that can accompany the first flush of new love. Finding a new person to pursue and be pursued by can be intoxicating, and these feelings can lead to obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

Someone who is struggling with love addiction might not act on their obsessive thoughts, although love addiction and sex addiction can go hand-in-hand.

Common signs of love addiction include:

  • Finding it unbearable to be alone
  • Constantly looking for a new relationship
  • Returning to an unhealthy relationship rather than being alone
  • Obsessive thoughts about the object of your desire
  • Having difficulty fulfilling responsibilities as a result of obsessive thoughts or compulsive actions

Dating or having sex with a number of people is not always an indication of love or sex addiction. However, if your thoughts and habits have proven to be destructive and have led you to cheat on a partner or have difficulty in other areas of your life, luxury rehab treatment could help.

Limerence: How New Love Can Be Addictive

Limerence is a state of infatuation that can lead to obsessive thoughts or actions relating to another person. This feeling is what individuals who struggle with love addiction are seeking out. Limerence can be involuntary and can feel debilitating. The powerful rushes of dopamine and oxytocin that accompany this state can be addicting, and individuals who struggle with love addiction can feel as though they have lost control.

Limerence can include any of the following actions or feelings:

  • Intense anxiety about being alone or without the object of desire
  • An inability to be interested in more than one person
  • Elevated feelings of insecurity
  • An inability to focus on other responsibilities or relationships

Someone who experiences limerence can form healthy relationships, and we help our clients heal.

How We Treat Sex and Love Addiction

We create personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. Individuals who struggle with love addiction or sex addiction will find a safe, welcoming, supportive environment at Westwind Recovery®.

Our approaches to treatment involve both holistic and evidence-based therapies. Understanding the underlying causes of addiction is key to making changes that last a lifetime. We help our clients work through issues like past trauma or mental health conditions. Trauma-informed care ensures that our clients feel safe and supported during treatment.

We offer a wide variety of therapies that can help you heal. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, virtual reality meditation therapy, art therapy, and more can help you learn more about yourself and develop healthy coping skills.

Our Sex Addiction Treatment Team

On staff at Westwind Recovery® is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), Jessica Steinman. She has years of experience in helping those who struggle with addiction, mental health issues, and sex and love addiction. Part of her approach to treatment involves treating co-occurring disorders, where an individual might struggle with both a substance use disorder and a sex or love addiction. If left untreated, sex addiction could become a coping mechanism for those in recovery. Alongside our treatment team, Jessica helps those in recovery rebuild their lives.

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