At first thought, you may believe that if someone you love had an addiction, you would be able to tell. You would believe that there are signs or behaviors that would give you a clue that addiction is there. After all, you’ve read the news, and you’ve heard the media. You know what addiction looks like. Believe it or not, there are signs of addiction that are hidden. In fact, you may not even realize that the one you love is struggling with addiction until it is nearly too late. Thankfully, you can help prevent the addiction from progressing by knowing these hidden signs and seeking help early.

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9 Hidden Symptoms of Addiction

9 Hidden Symptoms of Addiction

1. Making Excuses for Uncharacteristic Behaviors

People who use drugs and alcohol are always going to make excuses for their behavior. Behavior that leads to a refusal to step up and accept responsibility, rather than always coming up with an excuse or putting the fault on someone or something else could be a sign that there is an underlying issue.

2. Surrounding Themselves with Friends Who Actively Use

People tend to surround themselves with people who have similar interests. This is especially true for people who use drugs or alcohol. If someone you care about is hanging around with a new crowd that actively engages in drug and alcohol use, the chances are that they are using too.

3. Losing Interest in Hobbies or Activities

People don’t stop activities or hobbies they enjoy without a reason. Often, that reason could be an addiction. When you notice that someone you care about isn’t participating in the same activities they once did, it could be one of the hidden symptoms of addiction.

4. Being Overly Hygienic

Having good hygiene is important, but it is possible to be too clean. Being too clean is often a hidden sign of addiction. This is especially true for people with an alcohol addiction.

In an attempt to hide the substance abuse, those addicted to alcohol will often use things such as:

  • Mouthwash
  • Mints
  • Gum
  • Toothpaste

By doing so, they believe that the mint scent is covering up any odor left behind by the consumed alcohol. In addition, showering often and using an abundance of lotions or body sprays and perfumes can also be a sign.

5. Constantly Complaining About Pain

The body will physically hurt when experiencing withdrawal symptoms. There will be significant pain unless the craving is satisfied. Pay attention, and you will see that they will rarely look or feel well.

6. Isolating Themselves from Friends and Family

It’s common for people with a substance use disorder to disappear for long periods of time while at certain functions or gatherings. This is especially true when these events are comprised of friends and family. When people start to isolate more often, it could be a sign of addiction.

7. Items Go Missing

Drugs and alcohol cost money. When funds are running low, it is extremely common for people with an addiction to take money or property from the homes of family members and friends to pay for their habit. If you suspect someone you love has an addiction, you may want to take note of possessions of value.

8. Sudden Mood Changes

While the initial drug use or sips of alcohol may seem fun, daring, and exciting, the mood can change rather quickly. Mood swings and changes in attitude are indicators of a potential underlying problem with drug or alcohol use.

9. Experiencing High Anxiety or Panic Attacks

When people suffer from addiction, there is always a constant need to use drugs or alcohol. The fear of not getting the substance of choice brings incredible panic and anxiety.

Recognize Unknown Signs of Addiction with Support from Westwind Recovery®

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