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Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

Alcohol addiction might not always look like the media’s portrayal of alcoholics. Only a small percentage of those addicted to alcohol will look like that. In actuality, a large majority of those who have a problem with alcohol can get through the day just fine. They hold down jobs, attend family functions, and often avoid […]

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Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

It is not uncommon for folks entering recovery to ask, “Why do I need alcohol abuse counseling?” Sometimes, people with an alcohol problem will try recovery on their own at first. However, more often than not, this isn’t a very successful way. Unfortunately, drinking is usually a symptom of a deeper issue. Simply not drinking […]

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Health Concerns Associated With Alcohol Abuse

Quality of life improves greatly for alcoholics who find their way into recovery. Unfortunately, there is a hidden side of alcohol addiction that you cannot see – internal damage to your body. Excessive alcohol use over time can wreak havoc on your organs, setting you up for cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders, liver complications, digestive disorders, […]

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