One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is to seek treatment for your drug or alcohol abuse or addiction. Once that decision has been made, finding the right addiction treatment center to meet your needs can feel overwhelming. An inpatient drug rehab center is designed to provide intensive, around-the-clock, supervised treatment without distractions from the outside world so that you can focus all of your attention on your recovery.

In choosing the best drug addiction treatment center, you should consider factors such as your lifestyle, the level of care you require, your goals for recovery, and what therapy options the facility offers. At Westwind Recovery®, we have designed our inpatient drug rehab center with these factors in mind.

What Happens at an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center?

Addiction treatment begins in our medically supervised drug and alcohol detox center. We understand that going through withdrawal can be a frightening, challenging, and uncomfortable process. Our experienced team will ensure that you detox as safely and comfortably as possible. Following detox, you will transfer to your treatment unit, where you will meet with your treatment team and start your inpatient rehab program.

One of the most common questions asked at the beginning of addiction treatment is, “how long will I be here?” The length of your time in treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction and your progress in meeting the goals of your treatment plan. It is important to remember that addiction does not happen overnight, and neither does recovery.

The inpatient drug rehab program at Westwind Recovery® offers an extensive array of holistic, evidence-based treatment modalities. While your course of treatment will be specifically coordinated to meet your unique needs, the following are common for most clients:

  • Individual mental health assessment and therapy
  • Group therapy and support groups
  • Wellness and fitness activities
  • Team-building outings
  • Nutritional assessment
  • 12-step and recovery meetings
  • Continuing care plan

As pioneers in the field of addiction treatment, our expert staff is continually at the forefront of advances in treatment, providing you or your loved one with the best possible outcomes for lifelong recovery.

Therapy and Addiction Treatment

For a long time, there has been a public stigma around going to therapy that often remains a deterrent for those seeking addiction treatment. The bottom line is that successful addiction treatment requires participation in therapy. Through therapy, clients can gain insight into their addiction, making connections between how thoughts, beliefs, and experiences impacted their substance use disorder. Many discover that a previously unknown mental health disorder was at the root of their substance abuse or addiction.

Therapy does not have to be painful or challenging. At Westwind Recovery®, we believe in the benefits of making the recovery process engaging, fun, and vibrant. The goal of our addiction therapy options is to guide clients in developing the knowledge and skills needed to lay the foundation for a healthy future. Some of the therapies we offer include:

  • Family program participation
  • Virtual reality meditation
  • Yoga and mindfulness training
  • Adventure therapy program
  • Art therapy program
  • Music therapy program
  • Life skills training

Often, by the time a person is ready to reach out for addiction treatment, they are far removed from the person they used to be and have likely suffered many losses. The evidence-based therapies offered at Westwind Recovery® help clients reconnect with who they truly are and give them the skills necessary to rebuild their lives.

Discover Inpatient Drug Rehab at Westwind Recovery®

Addiction to drugs or alcohol does not have to control your life. At Westwind Recovery®’s inpatient drug rehab center, our low client-to-staff ratios allow us to provide private, personalized care that can be tailored to meet your changing needs as you progress through addiction treatment.

More than just a treatment center, we are a community of people who are committed to helping everyone affected by addiction and mental health disorders overcome these challenges and lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives. Find out more by contacting us.