For those who are struggling with substance abuse issues, starting a program at an addiction treatment center can be one of the most important steps they ever take. If you are looking into centers near you, you might feel overwhelmed by options. There are a number of program options, types of therapies, and amenities that these centers can offer. Before you decide on a substance abuse treatment center, take the following questions into consideration.

Question #1: Does This Center Offer a Detox Program?

Detox, during which harmful substances leave the body, can be a painful or uncomfortable process. For those who are beginning their recovery journey, a detox program is typically the first step. By choosing a treatment center that offers a detox program, clients can continue the next level of care in the same location.

Question #2: What Therapies Does the Center Offer?

Every individual who struggles with addiction is unique, and so are their needs for treatment. Therapy options like group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, and yoga therapy can all be beneficial. Contact an addiction treatment center near you to learn more about the addiction treatment therapies they offer.

Question #3: Is the Facility Licensed and Accredited?

At the minimum, the facility you choose should meet state licensure requirements. Many facilities also receive other accreditations, which can give you peace of mind that you’re choosing the most effective center.

Question #4: Does the Center Offer Wellness Programs?

Addiction can cause damage to your physical health. Many addiction treatment centers offer wellness programs to help clients heal in both body and mind. Yoga, meditation, exercise classes, and other holistic treatments can help clients recover.

Question #5: Are the Treatment Plans Personalized for Each Client?

In order to receive the most effective treatment, your treatment plan should be based on your unique needs. Many treatment centers offer specialized programs for those who struggle with addiction to heroin, alcohol, cocaine, or other substances.

Question #6: How Long Will You Be in Treatment?

If you have responsibilities at work, home, or school, you might be concerned about spending an extended period of time in treatment. Many centers offer short and long-term options, as well as both residential and outpatient treatment. Through these options, you can find a treatment program that will work best for you.

Question #7: Can They Treat Dual Diagnosis Clients?

Many individuals who struggle with addiction also face challenges with mental illness. A dual diagnosis program can treat both issues simultaneously and help clients achieve lasting sobriety.

Question #8: Does the Facility Offer Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Although no medication can cure addiction, many medications can alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Through medication-assisted treatment, many clients find that they can maintain sobriety long-term.

Question #9: What Kind of Aftercare Support Do They Offer?

An aftercare program provides ongoing support and education for clients even after they leave the center. These programs can help clients stay connected to other sobriety-focused individuals.

Question #10: What Payment Options Do They Offer?

While insurance will often cover addiction treatment programs, contact the addiction treatment programs you are considering to learn more about their payment options.

Contact Westwind Recovery® Today

Once you know what you’re looking for in an addiction treatment center, contact Westwind Recovery®. Our center in Los Angeles provides addiction and mental health treatment for those who are ready to rebuild their lives. We also provide detox services to assist in the challenging early days of recovery.

Our programs include the following:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Inpatient drug rehab
  • Outpatient drug rehab
  • Mental health treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Family therapy

Every client in our care receives an individualized treatment plan. While in our treatment programs, clients also take part in a number of addiction treatment therapies. Learn more by contacting our team at 855.340.8832, and get started on your journey to recovery today.