Fifty or sixty years ago, when someone needed help with addiction, friends and family may have sent them to a religious-based program. And the hope was that through finding a closer relationship with God, the addiction would eventually come to an end. Although religion continues to be a common path of recovery for thousands of men and women, today there is not just one road to recovery, there are several. Westwind Recovery® understands the different paths that people may take to find their sobriety and stay strong in it.

Finding Your Road To Recovery

Over the past few decades, there has been a great number of studies on addiction and recovery. And in this effort to understand recovery better, experts studied the many paths people may take to recover. Some men and women have found a single approach, such as religion and spirituality, while others have used a combination of approaches to get sober.

Some common paths individuals explore when they are recovering from drugs or alcohol abuse include:

  • Religion or Spirituality: There are many programs through various churches and religious organizations that people use to get sober. They may have already been a part of a certain religious organization before getting addicted to drugs or alcohol. Because of the familiarity and comfort of their religious path, they choose to recover through this path.
  • 12-step: Essentially, this path could be categorized above, under Religion and Spirituality, because the 12-step model invites a person to develop a relationship with a higher power. However, there are many participants of the 12-step path that aren’t religious in other ways, and this is a path of recovery many people take.
  • Secular 12-step: In addition to the 12-step model, other recovery organizations have purposely left religion out of recovery, such as Secular Organization for Sobriety or S.O.S.

Alternative Recovery

Not everyone can embrace a spiritual or religious road to recovery. Also, 12-step and even secular 12-step programs aren’t always a good fit. Because each individual has unique issues in dealing with substance abuse, each individual will have a different road to recovery. For some, recovery means turning to alternative modalities to heal from addiction. These may include yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. Further, individuals have experienced and could find success in the following:

  • Cultural Group: Just as someone might find comfort in their religious community, others may find comfort in a cultural-based group, such as White Bison, for Native Americans.
  • Combination: There are many men and women who in recovery and who use a combination of paths. For instance, they may rely upon their church for some recovery support while attending a 12-step group and also taking yoga and meditation classes in their community.
  • Individual Path: In rare cases, some people can recover from addiction on their own. However, note these individuals may have a strong network of support, they may not have a genetic predisposition toward addiction, and they may not have a long history of addiction. Typically, addiction is hard to overcome and requires professional help. Yet, some people can recover on their own without relapse.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. There may be other paths of recovery not listed here. However, for someone new to recovery, this list might be useful in finding a path that’s right for them.

Westwind Recovery®

Individuals struggling with substance abuse can find the help they need at Westwind Recovery®. We offer several therapeutic services to support individuals as they overcome their addiction, such as:

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