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TMS Therapy for Depression

Major depression is a serious mental health disorder characterized by a persistently depressed mood, diminished interest in activities, and impaired daily functioning. Treating depression usually involves a combination of medications and psychotherapy. For most, this course of treatment is an effective way of managing the symptoms of depression. Sometimes, however, symptoms either do not improve [...]
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Benefits of a TMS Therapy Program

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, referred to simply as TMS, was invented in 1985 and approved for use by the FDA in 2008. Multiple clinical studies have shown TMS to be highly effective for the treatment of depression. In addiction treatment, TMS therapy programs treat depression that either contributed to the substance use disorder or arose as […]

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What Is TMS Therapy?

Millions of individuals in the United States struggle with mental health issues. For many, these mental health concerns occur alongside addiction to drugs and alcohol. For those who are ready to begin to heal, Westwind Recovery® offers a number of therapy options. Holistic and evidence-based therapies work to help our clients understand the underlying causes [...]
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